Costume :Female Blood Elf
Variant :Tier 2 Paladin : Judgement Armour
Source :World of Warcraft
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

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So i really wanted a big project to take my time over and do in bits and pieces inbetween other stuff. Pretty much a when its finished its finished project.

I have been a big nerd for Warcraft for some years now, and this was always one of my favourite sets from the game.


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Ooooh, this is incredible and super iconic. Please say you'll join us for WoW fun whenever we all finish :D

by Amy-Lou on Wednesday, 5 September, 2012 - 11:29
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ahh yes i do love this set, and its been done a few times because its really iconic but bluhhh. but yeah id be happy to wear it with people when it gets finished. but im not setting a time limit on it haha. it will be done when its done (otherwise ill rush it).

by Leolarua on Wednesday, 5 September, 2012 - 15:12
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Sexy version plz.

by eternal_aranel on Thursday, 6 September, 2012 - 13:43