Costume :Robin
Variant :Dick Grayson
Source :Young Justice
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Nevermind, better reference

Mask pattern with "whites".

Mask pattern without "whites".


Costume Information

Cost : Free
Time Taken : 30 minutes

I chose to make Robin because it's been a long time since I'd cosplayed, I'd always wanted to do Robin, and now that I've seen Young Justice--I like his design there the most.

So far I think the hardest part is going to be paying for everything--I do most of my sewing by hand, but can use a machine if needed.

I've only made the pattern for the mask, but it's going well. I'm planning to do something so I can wear the mask with white eyeholes--but being able to see. Maybe a scrap of tights material stretched over the hole. We'll see.


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To-Do List

Buy black and gray NRS Sasquach Water Shoes or Kokatat Seeker Paddling BootiesHighIn Progress
Buy yellow beltMediumIn Progress
Buy black glovesMediumIn Progress
Look into buying reams of Poly Cotton Drill in yellow, red, and black.MediumPlanned
Buy black and gray vinyl.LowIn Progress
Buy skin-tone lipstick (non-sparkly/shiny)LowPlanned