Costume :Rincewind
Source :Discworld
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Manchester MCM Expo 2013

Costume Photos



Unlikely trio


Interesting times

Run away!

Bad Luck


Makeup Test



Costume Information

Cost : £20

We've been planning this group for a while and for Manchester Expo we finally got around to it!

I managed to come across a roll of red fabric that was perfect for £9, so I made the robe, cloak and hat from this. Instantly regretted making the cloak as huge as I did when I realized that I had to paint it. Luckily Alex stepped in and did the majority of the painting! The rest of this costume was made from scrap fabric and things I already had, making it one of my cheapest costumes.

The luggage was bought for me by my dad and the fingers were bought by my mum because they are amazing and both love Discworld.

Alex as Death
Hoshi-Kagami as Susan
Madamelapin as Moist Von Lipwig
Pocketdreams as Magrat


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This looks great and is such a cool cosplay choice :)

by Siouxsie James on Tuesday, 1 January, 2013 - 11:59
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YES YES YES! You look perfect! makes me want to Finish Sam Vimes ^^

by Captain_Marvelous on Tuesday, 1 January, 2013 - 15:04
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Awesome! I've never seen a Rincewind cosplay before! Looks great!

by Kata-san on Tuesday, 1 January, 2013 - 15:54
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Oh, this looks amazing. Well done.

by Starbucks dad on Tuesday, 1 January, 2013 - 16:24
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YES this is amazing!

by TheStarlightFairy on Tuesday, 1 January, 2013 - 21:52
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That make up test is absolutely perfect! Best face. Can't wait to see photos of it altogether :D

by CrystalNeko on Saturday, 15 June, 2013 - 12:22
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That is amazing, really. Best I've seen.

by 1000014 on Sunday, 16 June, 2013 - 19:06
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Brilliant! Exuding fear like a pro :D

by Amy-Lou on Monday, 17 June, 2013 - 21:00
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Oh my goodness. That expression. That face! AMAZING! =D

by sarmander on Monday, 17 June, 2013 - 22:43
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A perfect Rincewind!! Argh amazing to see more Discworld fans :0 I love all the sequins etc, very wizzard-y!

by chyphens on Saturday, 24 August, 2013 - 18:19
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Are you guys going to the Discworld convention next year? My OH and I are considering it!

by chyphens on Saturday, 24 August, 2013 - 18:20
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Eeeee thank you <3

As to the con, unfortunately not! As much as I love discworld, I don't think I'm enough of a fan of anything to go to a con just for that one thing!

by Crazedteensie on Saturday, 24 August, 2013 - 18:45
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Love this! Costume looks fantastic and you have the best facial expressions.

by Angelphie on Saturday, 24 August, 2013 - 19:23

Brilliant costume!!

by airyfairy on Saturday, 24 August, 2013 - 20:40
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Your cosplay was Amazing! :D

I took a couple of photos of you too

Are you going to try and make a luggage next for the time you wear this? XD

by Manjou on Saturday, 24 August, 2013 - 22:15
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I actually have a luggage! I should have some photos with it soon :) Sadly it's awful to get around, even on its little wheels, and since I was staying in Scarman I didn't want to drag it around the con with me.

by Crazedteensie on Saturday, 24 August, 2013 - 22:42
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I've already said this but BEST RINCEWIND WITH BEST FACES
Loving the new photos <3

by TheStarlightFairy on Saturday, 24 August, 2013 - 23:03
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Your facial expressions in this are just beautiful! Such a brilliant cosplay :D

by Littlegeeky on Monday, 26 August, 2013 - 20:21
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by Captain_Marvelous on Monday, 26 August, 2013 - 22:05

To-Do List

CloakHighIn Progress
Brown mini-cloak-thingMediumComplete

Shopping List

Red fabric£9.00Bought
Fabric paint£6.00Bought
Trim etc£10.00Bought


Progress (Posted 12th May 2013)

Not much change since last time except that I ripped everything up which was ridiculously fun.