Costume :Erika
Variant :Heart Gold/Soul Silver
Source :Pokemon
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

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Costume Information

If I can make the CS meet in 2013, this is what I want to do for it.

Laura's really good at making kimonos so she can help me with the pattern!

The markings on the bottom I can do with bondaweb.

Not sure if I want to use a black wig or a dark blue wig. Her hairs blue in the anime and I've seen some cosplayers of this, and her other Game Boy versions, use a dark blue wig. I'll ask the wolf pack for what they think!

I'll make a rainbow badge to go along with it too!


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To-Do List

Make obiHighPlanned
Make yellow kimonoHighPlanned
Add detailing to kimonoMediumPlanned
Make plushie of one of Erika's Pokemon?LowPlanned
Style wigLowPlanned
Make hairbandLowPlanned

Shopping List

Get kimono pattern£0.00To Buy
Brown contact lens£0.00To Buy
Geta (must find cheap pair, these things are pricey!)£0.00To Buy
Buy kimono fabric£0.00To Buy