Costume :Pinkie Pie/Bubble berry
Variant :R63 version, in a suit...because i can/ Cupcakes...
Source :My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo October 2012

Costume Photos

Masque and hairstyle test

Groucho marx joke glasses

the shirt, waistcoat and tie

the shoes are here!


Costume Information

Cost : hard to tell.. roughly £70
Time Taken : since august the 7th

basically its a full pink three piece suit (still hunting for a pink suit jacket...may have to settle for red...)

shoes are converse... yay

and i'll be dying my hair too...

i hate wigs... soo damn itchy

in total it'll cost me around £75 for the main costume
plus whatever goes towards the hairdye...
and considering my hair is bloody long (almost to my ass) it'll take a while

(new note, may cut the hair slightly so it naturaly curls better)

if i can't get a red/pink suit jacket... thats fine...i'll just wear the LONGCOAT OF JUSTICE!

also buying a venetian comedy mask, keeping it mostly white while adding flecks of Red paint to it...


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To-Do List

dye hair a fluorescent pink!HighPlanned

Shopping List

Pink converse size 11£20.00Bought
pink tie£6.99Bought
pink waistcoat£15.99Bought
pink trousers£7.00Bought
pink shirt£6.00Bought
pink cufflinks£4.99Bought
Groucho marx joke glasses£10.00Bought
pink belt£0.10To Buy


THE STUFF ARRIVED!!!! (Posted 31st August 2012)

almost everything has arrived,next tstop.... haircut/dye!

Pink is the new Black (Posted 29th August 2012)

just ordered the final peices of the puzzle... this should be fun!

Rock in pink (Posted 27th August 2012)

so, to put it bluntly , Bought the Pink shirt in primark for a fiver...
found a bucket load of different ties at a Cosplay making competetion (won 5 volumes of Yaoi... and decided to read it *shudder* never again)so i just have to decide which tie goes best with the shirt and that'll save me some mooolah.... unless none of them go with the shirt...

Since when did I become so fashion conciouss.... Rarity's rubbing off on me i swear

blarg! (Posted 23rd August 2012)

OKAY...SO... i;ve got the pink shirt, the pink converse.... now all i need is the other stuff... plus... i think i may have done my foot in again... oh well..