Date Masamune
Sengoku BASARA

Cosplayer: yami-no-neko

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

AyaCon 2013

12th September 2013: Need to fix some stuff probably my own fault really. I ran out of time when it came to the armour and didn't really get to test it before hand, and because of that it ended up falling appart more or less after we left the room. I tried to rescue it, but it didn't really work. Also the helmet kept blowing away due to the unusually strong winds. I was really not happy with the armour and the helmet was left in a bin at warwick so I am gonna re do it all including making the full sized swords rather than my travel size ones I used. I got a great tip off Sarmander for making swords which should help me for making Date's swords as I need to keep them lightweight.Other things to sort out. the collar got a bit flattened in the suitcase so I will have to remeber to pack the spray starch. I'm gonna re wear this costume at a later date
(probably Ame) so that I can get some better photos.

1st May 2013: helmet and painting So i've actually made some actual progress XD. I have made a helmet using lots and lots of foam board and a sports hat as a base. It's not exactly how I would like it, but at least I have one for now. if i have enough time in the next three months I might try to make another, but I am really stuck with how to get the shape right.

I finally got round to painting the back of the jacket. I used a stencil to put the design on. i think it might be a little small, but hopefully that shouldn't matter when it's all together

24th April 2013: collar fixed bias added finally got the collar sorted out so i started to add the bias. I still need to add it to the sleeves. After I have painted it I am gonna start work on the armour, helmet and swords etc then i'm gonna start on the final coat so that if I don't have time to re make it I will at least have this version to go with.

22nd March 2013: damm collar I am really getting annoyed with this collar. I can't seem to get it to work properly. I tried to expend out a collar from a pattern, but the shape seems wrong so i'm gonna have to try again I think ( I NEED HELP!!!). I'm getting quite behind on this costume now. I still need to make the helmet and the swords. I hope I get it finished in time. Gotta press on.

14th September 2012: looking better I think I nearly got the pattern sorted. I took the front up a lot, so now it is in more or less the right place. I put the tape on the edges just to give myself a better idea of how it's looking. At the minute it's all folded over round the back so I'm gonna have to make sure I take the pattern in, hopfully it will flare out more and I won't end up with it looking fine round the front, but all tucked under itself at the back.

One of the problems is the manequin I am working on. it's 2 sizes too small for me and has no hips. I'm gonna solve that next pay day buy buying a proper taliors dummy. taht way I don't have to worry so much not being able to tailor it in properly.

I also realise this demo material is probably a bit too dark. It matches up to the reference, but when you take a photo it makes it look darker, so a lighter shade is in order.

next I need to figure out that collar and sort out the shoulders. Only problem is I can't sew it together because I need it as my pattern for the actual one. In this version I can use spray starch to make everything crisp and stand up, but I think the other material might be to heavy for that.

oh well, this is why I said I would start this one early and spend the whole year sorting it.

12th September 2012: Practice go Because I have no pattern for Masamune's jacket, I have to wing it. I didn't want to use the good material first, so I made a mock up with some cheaper material I bought so I could see what to do before I used the expensive stuff so I didn't muck up like I did with Okita.
I'm now looking at it to see what I need to correct. It needs to be taken in a lot. I also think the front pannels are still too long and the cuts in the back need to be bigger too. I'm gonna sew it up and when I am happy with it, I will use the other material.
I think one of the reasons it looks off to me is because I don't have the swords on it. I'm not use to seeing the jacket without them so It looks odd.

Oh yeah, the reason it's so dark is because it's game version.

4th September 2012: wig Got my wig today. It's a lot lighter than i thought it was going to be, but it's the right shape and length. I still have to style it, and i'm not good at that, but since I'm gonna have the helmet on it doesn't matter too much.

WhiteWraith avatar

WhiteWraith - 27th May 2013
Progress looks great!