Costume :Atsuko Maeda
Variant :Tartan concert outfit
Source :AKB0048
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Hyper Japan July 2013

Costume Photos

Acchans photo on the Centre Nova display

Atsuko and her voice actress

Yuko's photo of Acchan

One of the only images of the back of the costume I can find

Acchan and Mariko

Acchan image and description

Official shot of all the main girls


Costume Information

Cost : £21.21


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:O I love AKB0048 I really can't wait to see this. I am also doing this for London expo but as Yuki Kashiwagi <3

by Ros3ify on Wednesday, 8 August, 2012 - 20:40
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Can't wait to see this!~ <33 I'm doing Chieri & my friend's doing Orine :3

by KuKu on Wednesday, 8 August, 2012 - 22:46

To-Do List

Buy the WigHighComplete
Buy fabricHighComplete
Buy shoesHighComplete
Make hair pieceHighPlanned
Make tieHighPlanned
Make TailcoatHighPlanned
Make skirtHighPlanned
Buy socksMediumPlanned
Make microphoneMediumPlanned
Make heart for wigLowPlanned

Shopping List

Black boots£0.00Bought
Black Gloves£0.00Bought
Red laces£0.00To Buy
Red socks£0.00To Buy


Bought the fabric~ (Posted 23rd August 2012)

I was very lucky with the tartan. They didn't have any at the first stall I looked at then when I went to the next stall they JUST had the exact amount that I needed left, phew! It's brilliant tartan as well :) I'm a bit iffy on the red fabric that I got, I keep thinking it's too bright. Hopefully it'll look okay when made into the tail coat.

It all came to a bit more than I expected to pay but that was probably because I had to get a lot of new thread.

Starting on this tomorrow! Woo!~

Got the wig! (Posted 22nd August 2012)

Arrived in 12 days! WOW. Considering the shipping time was 2-5weeks and I'd used their free shipping that's pretty good. I love it when I get an item in the mail I'm not expecting XD Definatelly using Moemall again. The wig quality is amazing.

However it does need a bit of styling, basically cutting it a bit because it's pretty long at the bottom. The problem is I can't cut it too much because of the blended colour. So I don't know if I will end up trimming it or not.

But I'm so glad I have this now! If I get the costume done in time it'll be a definate Alcon cosplay.

Wig Bought! (Posted 10th August 2012)

Got it from MoeMall, which is the only place that seem to be doing 0048 wigs at the moment. It's a relatively new Anime with a small-ish fanbase so I'm not surprised. However the colour blending on these wigs is perfect. And from someone I know who bought their Chieri wig from there the actual item is so much better than the picture. I can't wait to get it! :D

Going to start on the making of the costume soon :)