Costume :Dalek Emily
Variant :Rememberance of the Daleks
Source :Doctor Who
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Dan the Dalek


Costume Information

this is dalek from rememberance of the daleks in the 80s doctor who i be doing next after i done few props for people


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To-Do List

make the gunHighPlanned
make slats and get mesh for the beltsHighPlanned
get paint for the dalekHighPlanned
get wheels for the fender and wheelchairHighPlanned
get 2 waste baskets for neck meshHighPlanned
get vocie mod and speakerHighPlanned
make side bits and put pondliner under fenderHighPlanned
make the fender HighPlanned
get the hemisphieres for the skirtHighPlanned
make the neck binHighPlanned
make the neck ringsHighPlanned
make the eye stalk and discsHighPlanned
get 3 magic 8 balls for eye plounger and gunHighPlanned
make the ploungerHighPlanned
make the skirtHighPlanned
make the shouldersHighPlanned
make the eyeHighPlanned
make seat to put in the dalekHighPlanned