Costume :Lightning
Source :Final Fantasy XIII
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo October 2012

Costume Photos

Lightning MCM Manchester 2012

Fang, Vanille and Lightning MCM Manchester 2011

Lightning Cosplay MCM Manchester 2011




Lightning Photoshoot

Lightning Photoshoot

Lightning Photoshoot

Lightning Photoshoot

Lightning Costume @ MCM Manchester 2012

Lightning Costume @ MCM Manchester 2012


Costume Information

This is my Lightning Cosplay from Final Fantasy XIII, With Custom gunblade and boots.

Worn at:

MCM Manchester 2011
MCM Manchester 2012

Currently updating this costume with a new wig and the addition of her necklace.
May look in to updating the boots and gunblade in the future after.

If you want information/reference photos for each item of this cosplay please check my blog for details:


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saw you at MCM as well, my mate has some photos with you, :) you going Expo in October?

by pepperwithapen on Tuesday, 7 August, 2012 - 18:55

haha, Thats cool any chance i could have a look at them been trying to find the photos people too of me.

Yeah i am, i'm taking this costume as well as my spartan one :)
how about you?

by NaomiRuthX on Thursday, 9 August, 2012 - 02:45

Here is a link to my photographs from Manchester :)

by NaomiRuthX on Thursday, 9 August, 2012 - 02:46
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Lightning cosplay looks amazing! i cant wait to see this!!! Im cosplaying serah ill get a photo with ya!

by Fliss on Friday, 10 August, 2012 - 20:17

Hey Fliss,
Thanks :),
I shall be cosplaying as Lightning on the saturday, not too sure about the other days but i will let you know, would be cool to get a photo with you :),

by NaomiRuthX on Saturday, 11 August, 2012 - 19:16

To-Do List

Buy a new wigHighPlanned
Find a Lightning necklaceHighPlanned

Shopping List

New Wig£10.00To Buy
Lightning Necklace£20.00To Buy


Updates To My Lightning Cosplay (Posted 25th August 2012)

I have decided that i am going to make a few updates to my Lightning Cosplay, as by wearing this cosplay alot i have noticed a few things need updating.

-lightning wig

These should be done before the London MCM event in October.