Costume :Zelda
Variant :Sky Knight
Source :Skyward Sword
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Tokonatsu 2012

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I have from today [saturday night] till tuesday to get this done!
Challenge accepted Bl

I found this image on tumblr a while ago and just fell in love
with the idea and design of Zelda graduating alongside Link <3
Major kudos to the artist / still attempting to track down the
image source.

I only managed to get the time off to actually make Toko so I
needed something simple but enjoyable and here it is!
I'm just gutted my boyfriend wont really be able to join me in
his Link outfit as it's still in dire need of repairing since
the incident at Kitacon XD;;


Managed it by scrounging a few bits I originally made for Ciaran's Link costume
Could be better - but considering the time window it's not bad :]

Did a mini shoot with Foxy and Izzy at Tokonatsu 2012


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You'll look purdy! :)

by Kinreal on Monday, 30 July, 2012 - 06:34


by No thanks on Wednesday, 15 August, 2012 - 02:11
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aww this is adorable. really nice.

by yami-no-neko on Tuesday, 21 August, 2012 - 21:20
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You look so cuuute :)

by Tsupo on Wednesday, 6 February, 2013 - 00:49
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So cute :3

by Chibi on Tuesday, 5 March, 2013 - 21:43
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Really simple yet cute ^^

by Darkiekun on Wednesday, 6 March, 2013 - 16:25
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This is an amazing cosplay, suits you :)

by Siouxsie James on Sunday, 17 March, 2013 - 19:16

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