Costume :Daisy
Variant :Silver Dress
Source :Dance Evolution/Masters
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

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Costume Information

I really should stop putting new stuff up before I've finshed other stuff -_- but this is an outfit I wanted to do the moment I saw it in the game. And I was never really sure how to go about doing it as I thought the outfit was made up of lots of little mirrors but I think I will use some stretch lycra with shiny squares on as that can look really effective. I will be wearing this to BrisNova 2012 as I want to have a go of doing skits in a place where you lot arn't watching ;p

Also I am planning to do a Para-Para Panel at Fushi 2013 and I need to make some tutorial videos so I figured I might as well wear this while I'm doing the video :)


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To-Do List

Make DressLowPlanned
Make PetticoatLowPlanned
Make Gold FlowersLowPlanned
Modify ShoesLowPlanned
Make NecklaceLowPlanned

Shopping List

Platinum Blonde Wig (eBay)£10.82Bought
Grey Fabric For Dress Base x 2m£3.00Bought
3 x Bag Silver Beads, Various sizes£6.75Bought
Gold Fabric£5.50Bought
3m x Silver Mirror Fabric (OnlineFabric)£30.00Bought
Gold Ribbon (22mm x 5m)£1.25Bought
10m of 17mm White Lace Trim (eBay)£3.40Bought
50x Red Gems (eBay)£2.62Bought
Gold Shoes (eBay)£11.00Bought
Craft wire£0.75Bought
Circle Silver Sequins £0.00To Buy