Costume :Simba
Variant :Cub/kigu
Source :The lion king
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo October 2012

Costume Photos

Too many bugs = a butt like Pumbaa's

Run away Simba... run away and never return!


"He Scar.. if I'm the future king..."

Simba: Cinderella's new animal friend/pet

"I miss my dad Cinderella"

Simba, Cinderella and Scar: Cindy's new pets


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Costume Information

Okay story: So when myself, lilkimmi27, my mom and our other friend Maria all started talking about kigu cosplay, we said it'd be super cute if there was one of Simba, then my mind in cuteness overdrive and I knew that I had to do Simba. Yet I have no idea how to make the kigu suits... so I was speaking with the lovely Teacup_Erinyes and she agreed she'd take it on as a commission from me.

So this is possibly for October Expo for the one day that I go, if I don't re wear Ariel. Yet, even if I wear Ariel then I'll get her to make me this as a backup costume and then I can wear it to any winter event if I don't feel comfortable doing anything else.

I cant wait to own this, with teacup's amazing skillz this should be adorable.. even if i'll look like a derp in it

UPDATE: Moving into 'In Progress' because I've paid Teacup_Erinyes the first half of the cost for it ^_^ EE SO EXCITED!

UPDATE: It's now completed, just gotta pick it up from her in the next few days or have it posted


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by FlyingMammal on Tuesday, 17 July, 2012 - 22:27
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This will be SO cute :3

by Yasmia on Wednesday, 18 July, 2012 - 14:09
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As above!

by Starbucks dad on Wednesday, 18 July, 2012 - 20:07
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The fabrics in your journal look gorgeous! I cant wait to see you wear this!!

by Yasmia on Wednesday, 19 September, 2012 - 22:32
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Ah! I love that, you look so cute >w<

by Karakulz on Friday, 28 September, 2012 - 20:17
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that's just adorable :P

by callmemilo on Sunday, 30 September, 2012 - 14:28
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hehe thankies guys! Teacup did an amazing job on this, I can't wait to wear it at expo!

by FuriePhoenix on Sunday, 30 September, 2012 - 19:00
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that is ADORABLE

by rosieroo on Wednesday, 3 October, 2012 - 10:29
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This is so cute! :D rowr!

by Raye-chan on Saturday, 20 October, 2012 - 18:59
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Thanks Raye!!! ^______^!!

by FuriePhoenix on Saturday, 20 October, 2012 - 20:17
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Awww this is adorable <3 <3

by Pandora-Chi on Monday, 22 October, 2012 - 19:55

Haha how cute. Mind if I get a picture?

by Ducksorv on Tuesday, 23 October, 2012 - 19:58
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Pandora- thanks hunni!
Blaroth- if you see me around sure! I'll be running around with my Uncle Scar haha!

by FuriePhoenix on Thursday, 25 October, 2012 - 20:49

To-Do List

Pay Teacup_ErinyesHighComplete
get wig/wait for it to arriveHighIn Progress
get contact lensesLowComplete

Shopping List

kigu suit from teacup_erinyes£50.00Bought


Make Up (Posted 2nd October 2012)

I know in the pic attached, the make up is for Mufasa, but I'm going to take inspiration from it to create my own make up for Simba. I just think doing bronze and gold make up and having the contact lenses (when I eventually buy them like the week before expo, it will be plenty of time) it will just finish the look off perfectly.

I really like her version of Mufasa in this make up and her Scar one, but she doesn't have one for Simba, soI'm gonna take this as inspiration and create my own for little Simba. ^_^! EEE I want Expo to come round now, so I can prance around in it, and I'm now even more excited that FlyingMammal is gonna play 'my uncle' Scar! YAY!

Paws (Posted 24th September 2012)

Teacup sent me another progress photo today and oh my god I love it already! So far, I've seen pics of the fabrics, one ear and now this one of the paw booties and the suit as it is now.

She said she has three more things to do before it's complete which are: attaching the ears properly on the hood, padding out the tail a bit and attaching the fastenings on the suit. I can't wait to see it finished and get it now!

I really cant get over adorable the paws are.

Materials (Posted 19th September 2012)

I've now sent off my measurements to Teacup and she sent me a photo of the materials and of one ear she pinned together today. Eeeee! I'm so super excited to see it get done properly. The fabrics are amazing and so so perfect!

I really hope she doesn't mind me attaching the photo of the fabrics she gave me, on here. If you have a problem with it hun, let me know and I'll take it down.

Tomorrow I think I will do a make up test for Simba as I wanna wear the wig to make sure all the layers are cut the right length and stuff. I've also decided to buy brown contacts definitely now for this cosplay, just to finish it all off.

wig has arrived! (Posted 19th September 2012)

Woop a week later and my wig arrived in the mail! WOOP WOOP! I couldn't resist as I've been in a real wig styling mood for the past two weeks now, so I styled it properly today for something to do. I seriously love this wig, its a perfect color and OMG ITS SO FLUFFEH!!!!!!

Seriously.. for £10 this wig is FANTASTIC! Better quality than a lot of wigs I've paid twice as much for! Pic just shows the 3/4 view of it, I still wanna thin out the centre bangs a bit more so I can give them a nice soft point, so I dont get a full set of bangs across the forehead, but other than that it's now styled and ready to wear expo next month lol

Also, I have begun sending Teacup my measurements, so that will be started soon and I can't wait!

everything bought! (Posted 12th September 2012)

Basically what the title says!

I have now just paid for my wig (see previous journal) for this so my (what will be red) normal hair does look out of place whilst wearing this. I have also just finished paying Teacup_Erinyes the final half of the cost for making it for me.

I feel like a weight have been lifted off my shoulders now, and I don't need to worry about getting the money to her on time to wear this at the Disney meet at expo on the Sunday. Even though probably a lot of people don't class kigu suits a proper cosplay, the fact I'm wearing a wig and *possibly* getting brown contacts in October for this, I feel like it is a proper cosplay for me, but also a more laid back one so I can just be comfortable and myself in it.

Not that I dont feel like I can be laid back etc when I'm in any other cosplay... but hopefully people will get what I mean by my statement. ^^! I just wanna have fun with my Disney pals at expo, rather than be all "must do proper cosplay blah blah blah". My mind is just feeling really laid back with cosplay just lately.

But enough of me rambling... everything is bought (apart from contacts but i wont be bothered if i dont end up getting them) now to play the wonderful waiting game whilst teacup works her magic on the suit and i can wear it at october expo.


wiggy wig wig (Posted 18th July 2012)

Because I've been that snuggle down on the sofa and watch the lion king kind of mood today, (the main menu is now stuck on repeat as we speak after watching it) I was looking on ebay for wigs to wear under the kigu. I found a possible wig for it and its like £11 or something.... I was debating about another one that had a little bit more length but looking at the pictures side by side to the concept drawing teacup did for me so i could decide if i wanted it or not, this second one is definitely the best option.

I like it because its layered and choppy to go with his teeny tiny mane that he has as a cub. I'm also going to get brown contact lenses i think too to match his eye color more.