Costume :Tifa Lockhart
Source :Final Fantasy VII Advent Children
Progress :Complete
Worn At :AyaCon 2013

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I sense trouble looming...


Tifa Lockhart at MCM Expo 2012

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Costume Information

Originally this was my first ever Cosplay I put together and wore to my first MCM Expo experience in October 2007! It was such an exciting event but the costume was rather half-hearted....and i stupidly dyed my hair black....enough said.

But years later I've finally decided that i will actually re-make this! I got it out the cupboard recently and all the happy memories flooded back.

Was soo much fun to remake this and wear it again, i got lots of lovely compliments but didn't get many photos, i was stupid not to attend the FF Photoshoot that day. Hopefully I'll get a chance for a little photoshoot some day!

Worn at:
MCM Expo October 2007
MCM Expo October 2012 (Sunday)

UPDATE: Hope to re-wear this at Ayacon 2013


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Looking forward to seeing how much better this one will look! (not that the first one was bad, just now that your skills are mega awesome)

by Sammykins on Wednesday, 1 August, 2012 - 19:49

cool, you will look awesome

by Dark_Angel_15 on Monday, 22 October, 2012 - 01:33

To-Do List

Purchase & Alter ShoesMediumComplete
Trousers & Cape SkirtMediumIn Progress
Purchase & Style WigLowComplete
Purchase and Alter GlovesLowComplete
White T-shirtLowComplete
Arrange Silver drop EarringsLowComplete

Shopping List

Black Straight Wig£16.70Bought
Black leather gloves£4.00Bought
White vest top£8.00Bought
Black Faux Leather Belt£3.00Bought
Black Canvas Boots£12.00Bought
Silver Earring Studs£3.00Bought


1 week to go.... (Posted 22nd October 2012)

And I have lots to do! I've been busy with any spare time i have making Tifa. I've had fun unpicking and resewing various parts of my old costume, and I'm hoping ti'll eventually all come together.
I've been working hard on her boots, as they bugged me for ages, i didn't purchase any of the ones i originally planned as my budget was very tight. I decided to paint on the details of converse boots onto some military style canvas boots instead.
I'd best be off to sew a new skirt and pouch, here's hoping i finish in time for mcm expo!

Quickest Wig styling Ever! Oh my! (Posted 5th September 2012)

I normally spend hours on end fighting with a wig to style it in some weird and wacky way, but thankfully Tifa has a nice straight forward style and cut. All i had to do was part the hair to side properly and trim a few wig strands :) I didn't want to risk cutting the fringe about so i'm going to leave it quite thick for now.

Picking up the pieces and those Darn Boots!!! (Posted 4th September 2012)

Well re-starting this costume has been on my mind for some time, as it was my very first and my skills were extremely simple back in the day. I'd like to make this more accurate and when wearing it get in character more.
Firstly I bought a wig, and its a pretty nice one, all i need to do is cut the fringe a little.
I'm in the middle of altering my old bodyjacket, I'm re-shaping the collar and arm holes and fitting the zip in properly too (originally i sneakily hid the extra bit of zip lol)
I'm going to get a new white top to alter (as i'm lazy and haven't much time to make one from scratch) and then i can get on with altering the trousers and skirt piece.
Last thing is to sort out the boots....yes, those evil things that are converse lookie-likes with chunky soles of doom. I've narrowed my search down to two choices, its proving hard to choose:



Minus the knitted tops, which i'm hoping i can remove...I'm thinking the first ones are the safest option.