Costume :Princess Bubblegum
Variant :21a "The Real You" ('science barbecue' - shorts and t-shirt)
Source :Adventure Time with Finn and Jake
Progress :Complete
Worn At :J Con 2012

Costume Photos

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Costume Information

Cost : About £30
Time Taken : A few months

Thinking of this for J Con in Derby! Should be pretty fun and hopefully pretty cheap. Plus... dat wig. ;)


Aaaah, this costume was fun, light and everyone loved it! :D The wig was murder though, I was brushing it every five minutes. ;)


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oh my.
I cannot wait to see this.

by shadowsora on Monday, 23 July, 2012 - 14:58
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Heheee, thanks! :D It should be fun! ^^

by purplecat95 on Monday, 23 July, 2012 - 21:23

To-Do List

Paint shirtHighComplete
Style wigMediumComplete
Make crown (oh God)MediumComplete
Paint pink stripes on socksMediumComplete

Shopping List

Yellow shirt£2.00Bought
White shorts£7.00Bought
Pink wig£12.99Bought
Baseball socks£2.00Bought
Red and yellow fabric paint£4.79Bought


Cool (Posted 6th September 2012)

OK I've got the main BUYING done, it's just painting and styling and such like now. Which is pretty cool cus I was sure I'd never have this done. :3

The crown was dead easy to make (the part I was dreading), I just made it out of some stiff black card and some scrap yellow card I had hanging around! /budgetcosplaysftw

Now I'm just waiting on the wig, need to sort out some socks, and paint that damn shirt and I'm all sorted! :D