Costume :Millianna
Variant :Great Magic Games
Source :Fairy Tail
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo October 2012

Costume Photos

At the expo with Wendy!

Makeup test

Nearly done just the wig to go!

cloak 5

cloak 4

cloak 3

cloak 2

Cloak 1

Ref 1


Costume Information

I want to have a go at creating some version of this perhaps not so naked! But I love the character and there aren't many cosplays of her!


Tina will be colsaying Wendy so I'm gonna do this one the same day! There's some tricky things like the hood to deal with! Having never sewn anything for a cosplay... wish me luck!


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Wow this is looking good

by dan-dan on Sunday, 14 October, 2012 - 11:32
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Thank you! ^_^ I have all the stuff now so need to take newer photos, just got the wig to style!

by nerdosaurus on Sunday, 14 October, 2012 - 12:12

To-Do List

Make Collar/ChokerHighComplete
Make CloakHighComplete
Work on abs!HighIn Progress

Shopping List

stripey stockings£1.99Bought
Black shorts£16.00Bought
Black bralet£6.00Bought
Cloak materials£16.00Bought
garter belt£12.00Bought
Stuff to make Collar£0.00Bought
long black gloves£3.00Bought


The wig was a bitch but I'm happy how it turned out! (Posted 29th October 2012)

The extensions wouldn't curl so I had to use makeshift curlers and a lot of product. Got there in the end! The back looked good as well I curled the ends upwards to get the flicks right! I sewed wefts into the wig to thicken it up. It was a lot of work and took many hours but I'm so glad I did it!

Getting Excited! (Posted 24th August 2012)

Not much left to do! I'm waiting for my wig to arrive! Then I got to style it. I'm also helping Smiley style his Natsu wig so I'll get plenty of practice! Wish me luck! I've also got to decide on a top but I'm being very picky! It needs to be something I'll feel comfortable in but I do want it to feel true to the character! The stockings are also proving difficult but we'll see!

Collar made! (Posted 15th August 2012)

Only took 2 mins I had left over cloak fabric and my dad had a suitable bell so just needed sewing. Done now! Just a few bits left to buy and a make up test left to do! :D

Cloak's finished! (Posted 19th July 2012)

With much help from my dad the cloak has been finished! :D pictures will follow soon!

And so the challenge of the cloak will start tomorrow! (Posted 17th July 2012)

I've found some good references to the cloak, my Dad's taking me to buy materials tomorrow. I'm hoping it goes well, I've been given some good advice! Wish me luck!

Wig troubles! (Posted 16th July 2012)

Obviously there aren't any wigs in her style, so I'm thinking of buying a short layered one and adding extensions for the longer bit. Will be a challenge but I look forward to experimenting! :D