Costume :America / Alfred F.Jones
Variant :WW2 / Jacket
Source :Hetalia
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

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So for my first cosplay that I am planning would be America / Alfred F.Jones. I've been into Hetalia for about a year or two now and to cosplay as him would be so cool. He is one of my favourte characters and I actualy ship him with England / Arthur and Canada / Mattvew. I am so obbsessed with the anime that I seem to be willing to fork out my saving money for costumes and wigs. Overall America / Alfred is totaly worth it for being so cool and funny.

I belive the costume to be rather easy to buy yet maybe rather difficult to add details (I'm unsure if I can buy the miliaty uniform with the jacket..) But otherwise I think It should be completed fairly soon (A few months of saving up will help)

The wig I wanted to get maybe not be styled because I am planning more blondes that I want to use America / Alfred's wig for. I've never really styled anything before so this will be a new experience for me.

I really hope I can get into character if I do end up doing this one. I shall be shouting out THE HERO!! LOL.


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