Costume :Circus
Source :Original
Progress :Complete
Worn At :None

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Costume Front

Costume Back

Bustle Skirt Side


Costume Information

Cost : £35
Time Taken : 2 Days

Circus themed bustle skirt and bolero jacket with harlequin lining.

I rushed this out for a circus themed party when I couldn't shake the idea of making something flamboyant. Originally I was planning to use stripes, but because this was such a last minute idea I was restricted to the fabrics available in the store and could only get spots (they've really grown on me though and saved me a lot of time pattern matching). There was no way I could resist that harlequin fabric, the minute I saw it I knew that had to be my lining.

Really pleased with how quickly this came together, it was all worth it and I now want to put bustles on everything :3

Hope to get some pictures of the full outfit including the tiny hat in action, but just mannequin ones for now.


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Improvements (Posted 14th January 2013)

I made the bustle skirt and bolero in three evenings for a work party. Turns out these skirts are actually pretty simple, the hardest part is getting the layers of fabric to gather up as tightly as required into the waistband at the back. I wore it with a military buttons top I already owned.

Kat has offered to design a full outfit so I can wear it to a con party. I don't envy her the task of matching a design around that garish colour scheme XD

Whilst I'm waiting to pick a final design I can alter the bolero, as it's too wide across the shoulders.