Phoenix Xlr8r

Costume :Props
Source :various sources
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Haru's Decaforce Sword

Haru's Decaforce Sword

Juliet's Chainsaw

Juliet's Chainsaw

Juliet's Chainsaw

Erza weapon 2

Erza weapon 1

Lucy Heartfilia's Whip

Alice Vorpal Blade

Elie's Tonfas


Costume Information

I have taken up the role of making props while xxlilmisssakuraxx makes outfits.

So I will be making things like weapons, armor, certain jewellery pieces and the biggest one of all IRON MAN MK6 XD (because it would be too much for her to make as an outfit XD)


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Alcon props (Posted 19th August 2012)

Been spending the last few days making props for mine and xxlilmisssakuraxx's Alcon cosplays- Photos will be uploaded soon- So far 4 have been made (just need painting) 2 are in progress and 1 still needs making :)