Costume :Captain Elizabeth Bonny
Variant :Promotional
Source :Neverland (SyFy)
Progress :Complete
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

The Crew! Taken for English Riviera Tourism Company website and local newspapers.

The Crew! Candid.

The Crew! Taken for Pirate Festival Facebook page.

Captain Elizabeth Bonny.

Captain Bonny and Master Hook.

Captain Elizabeth Bonny - The Golden Hind.

Liz and Angelica - The Golden Hind.

Liz and Angelica.

Two Captains.

Hair and jewellery reference.

Full reference of costume in action.

Full reference of costume in promotional pictures.


Costume Information

Cost : £96.71
Awards : Best Dressed Pirate at Brixham Pirate Festival 2012!
Time Taken : A month to pull bits together, a week to sew/make.

Okay, so the film's shoddy, but Anna Friel is a babe and I'm a sucker for a psycho female pirate. This costume's debut outing will be the weekend of the Brixham Pirate Festival in Devon on May 5th and 6th 2012 :D



* Hair - A big, brown, curly mass, drawn over right shoulder into a ponytail and tied with gold thread. Bronze disks are threaded throughout, tied to individual strands. Crowned with black felt pirate hat - Not tricorn, more cavalier style - With the right brim pinned up, and accessorised with red, black and grey ostrich feathers.
* Make-up - Fairly Jack Sparrow-ish in nature, with freckles, a hint of a sea-faring tan and lots of dark, smokey eye-liner. Nude-tinted lips and grubby nails. Tattoos include several stars on left hand and tribal bands around the upper right arm, wrist and left ankle.
* Tops - Off-white, grey-ish blouse with ribbon tie at bust, yellow-gold flowers embroidered on the lower, puffy, sleeves and lace cuffs. Black coat in raised, patterned material with bucket cuffs and gold sun and flames embroidery on the back, with black and gold swirls up each hem.
* Bottoms - One blue jacquard sash, one gold/bronze sash, into which are tucked a lion-headed sword and pistol. Two belts, one just underneath bust, the second below. Black trousers with grey lace overlay.
* Footwear - Black leather bucket-topped pirate boots. Some sort of brown spats?
* Accessories - Mismatched earrings, left a silver hoop with circular silver coin accent, right a splodgy silver heart shape. Four necklaces of what appears to be silver sealing wax pendants, and one splodgy gold heart, looks like matching pair of earring, all on thin chains. Ring on little finger of left hand. A dozen thin, silver bangles, some with the same accents as left earring and hair coins. Thick, black leather baldric with massive silver buckle. Phew!


looking good!
have you ever swung by tortuga?

by CyanideCustard on Monday, 18 June, 2012 - 18:15

To-Do List

Make baldric.HighComplete
Modify coat.HighComplete
Purchase hat blank from eBay.HighComplete
Order materials for baldric.MediumComplete
Lengthen belt buckle straps.MediumComplete
Add lace trim to cuffs.LowComplete
Detach second dangle-thing from splodgy heart-thing earring. That's a technical term.LowComplete
Decide on bracelets - Opted for nabbing gold ones off my sister instead.LowComplete
Buy modelling clay - Neither Das nor Fimo worked; on to Plan C.LowComplete

Shopping List

Black leather boots - Already owned£0.00Bought
Grey lace trousers£12.00Bought
Blue jacquard fabric sash£1.45Bought
Two black belts£5.20Bought
Black coat + adornment£20.43Bought
Off-white gypsy blouse + lace cuffs£6.74Bought
Five necklaces£5.13Bought
Splodgy heart-thing earring£2.75Bought
Bronze circle hair/earring/bangle/sash trinkets£1.69Bought
Black felt hat£33.50Bought
Felt-tip eyeliner for tattoos - Came free with mascara!£0.00Bought
Black baldric - Damaged, so I got it free!£0.00Bought
Gold/bronze sash - Already owned£0.00Bought
A dozen bangles - Already owned£0.00Bought
Hoop earring - Already owned£0.00Bought
Bronzing make-up - Already owned£0.00Bought
Gold embroidery thread - Already owned£0.00Bought
Miscellaneous jewellery£2.42Bought


Finished! (Posted 7th May 2012)

A month later, and Liz is done! AND I won Best Dressed Pirate this weekend :D However, the costume's not perfect, and I fancied making a list of stuff I'd change if I ever decide to continue work:

* Baldric lacks a buckle. I might just invest in an entirely new one, considering my attempt was modified from a cheap pleather belt.
* Take in blouse, because it honestly looks more like a dress, even tucked in.
* Sort out hair, which I didn't get *entirely* right. Probably could also do with some extensions.
* Acquire new sword and pistol. I reckon I pulled off plastic fancy dress fairly well, but it could have looked so much better.
* Maybe complete the gold compass embroidery on the centre back of the coat, also gold and black flower-swirls up the front.
* Actually invest in two more necklace chains, rather than resorting to embroidery thread.
* Find a better heart-shaped left-hand earring. This one was a snap decision, considering the rest of my jewellery was gold. And maybe actually wear earrings in the right ears xD Next time, I'll be taking reference pictures on my phone!
* Make money pouch for belt, as my friend ended up carrying all my crap!
* Find different belt, as this one was massively too corset-like, however good it looked.
* Silver bangles rather than gold - Silver hoop earring didn't turn up in time, so I went with a gold one I had, and therefore gold bangles. Tacky, yet satisfying (Y)

Completed Coat! (Posted 5th May 2012)

I was lucky enough to find a fitted black brocade coat with the right collar shape and opted to add gold buttons to the front, cuffs, pockets and back vent. Possibly the dead wonkiest thing in the known universe (Particularly that top right cord), and inspired more by your average pirate coat than Liz's screen-accurate garb, because that much hand embroidery would have thoroughly killed me, but I'm pretty chuffed with the way it came out.

In which I fail at eBay. (Posted 29th April 2012)

So I bought a belt online! And it was about twelve sizes too small. That showed me. I've just about managed to cobble together something that doesn't look like it's made to fit a six-year-old, with some of the left-over leather from my Bellatrix Lestrange corset. One strap's longer than the other but I've just got massive amounts of couldn't care less right now xD It may or may not hold up... Fingers crossed.

Necklace Fail. (Posted 17th April 2012)

So, after a decent enough session with a product optimistically entitled 'Das Modelling Clay' in an attempt to construct something vaguely resembling Bonny's necklaces, I can thoroughly not recommend it to anyone. Seriously, it's a couple of pounds down the drain, and the results weren't even worthy of a photo. The clay itself is a squidgy lump of contradictions: Too sticky straight out of the packet, gets *everywhere* and air-hardens in seconds flat. Before I entirely give up and throw myself at the mercy of Plan B, I'm contemplating trying Fimo modelling clay, which is oven-bake stuff and might solve the premature dryness issue...

UPDATE: Tried out Fimo this afternoon, and although it worked out better than the Das stuff, it's still not quite the outcome I was after. Plan C it is!