Costume :Lady Loki
Variant :Opera/Ball
Source :Avengers Assemble/Marvel
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Loosely based on this image...


Costume Information

Cost : 25.99

Originally to wear at the Ame '12 Ball with Zomboi. Unfortunately I was too ill to go, so I'll have to wear it to somewhere else instead.


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This dress, it is boobilicious... (Posted 2nd August 2012)

My face, it is so attractive. Also doubles as a Liz Hurley cosplay. No joke, it was listed on ebay as a replica of "that dress". Just need to dig out my faux fur coat and re-tap my shoesies. It's technically complete apart from the shoes, but that's not really related to the cosplay so it doesn't count... shhh, logic is occurring!