Costume :Sakura
Variant :Red kinomo
Source :Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

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Well, who can agree that Ichigo-Chan's cosplay list will not be the same without regular Sakura cosplays, which means this costume is a MUST!!!! I've been meaning to make this cosplay ever since I saw the artwork on the Japanese season 2 DVD boxset, but was never confident in making kimono's. A good example of my failed kimono is my Sakura Taisen cosplay back in 2007. This year I want to stop believing in my failures as we all live and learn.

I am putting this costume next in the Sakura costume line after when I complete Sakura's CLAMP in 3D land costume.


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To-Do List

adjust petticoatLowPlanned

Shopping List

Paper pattern £6.40Bought
red cotton£40.00To Buy
Yellow cotton£15.00To Buy


Fabric choices (Posted 29th July 2015)

Fabric choices ranging from polyester, cotton and duchess satin which I will use the wrong side to hide the shininess (mostly from my spare pile), there is more red then what you see in the photo at over 8 metres?

Lilac is left over from Victorique Gosick, purple is supposed to be for Karen Mermaid Melody which I have not got round making her idol dress yet, deep purple was brought by mistake back in 2008? and never used it, white is left over from Rachel Alucard. The only fabric which I had to buy was yellow though I will need to purchase more white unless i can find ny left over in my mountain of fabrics.
Finally, I don't know why or when did I purchased over 8 metres of red???

Head band progress (Posted 26th July 2015)

Doing a test rough draft of the wings and making the base.

Pattern arrived! (Posted 13th March 2011)

I recieved the pattern through the post a couple of days ago and I will be pretty much using it for the sleeves and the top half of the kinomo. I want the obi to be massive and the bottom of the kinomo to be poofy and the pattern does not statisfy these conditions, so need to figure out a way to make my own pattern and modify.

Pattern brought! (Posted 3rd March 2011)

I have found a kimono paper pattern quite a while back for a reasonable price of £5.65 + £0.75 P+P, don't know why I only just decided to buy it today. I suppose, if I never get started on buying the materials then this costume will never get done!