Costume :Mercutio
Variant :Stealing Claret's Shoes
Source :Teahouse (Webcomic)
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Amecon 2012

Costume Photos

Claret's shoes fit like a dream, don't they?


Let's have some fun

Mercutio 2



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Costume Information

Cost : £28.19
Time Taken : Around 24 hours

Mercutio from the very awesome yaoi webcomic 'Teahouse'.
Decided to go for the outfit where he's wearing Claret's shoes. Don't know if that outfit has a name lol

I wanted to cosplay Mercutio because although he's not the main focus, he's my favourite (perverted, sassy, and creepy!)

Originally I thought this costume mightn't cost me too much, but ended up having to shell out £20 for the shoes! Booooo! I did try to get some cheaper but kept being outbid, and since I'm a size 9 it isn't so easy to track down shoes in my size!

Luckily I was able to use a lot of fabrics and bits and pieces that I already had:
+ wig was from my Iwai Takuto cosplay from Aya 09, restyled.
+ white fabric on jacket & white polycotton used as lining were left over from my Kozi (Verte Aile ver) costume worn at Amecon 2008.
+ interfacing used in jacket collar was offcut from an old sewing project (likely Iwai again!)
+ Hooks and eyes used on the top were from my stash (given to me by a family member)
+ trousers are from my wardrobe and will go back there after Amecon!
+ blue diamonds on jacket were made using fabric pens Mum bought me years ago, and more of the white fabric I used on the jacket.

On the whole, this costume was relatively simple to make. The most difficult part was the jacket and only because it has a collar and sleeves. The sleeves gave me hell. I still haven't got the hang of ease, bah! It needed more interfacing in the front to make the collar stand up properly, too.

This costume also entailed a lot of hand-sewing!
I hand-sewed the pattern on the sleeves of the jacket, the diamonds onto the jacket, and 18 sets of hooks and eyes onto the shirt. The sleeves took around 3 hours each, as did sewing on the hooks and eyes! (After this year's cosplays, I don't want to see another set of hooks and eyes for a long time...)

Drawing on leg hair was....an experience. And took longer than I expected it to!

The shoes gave me utter hell; Mercutio must be some kind of masochist XD


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Mercutio love!!

by Candystriped on Wednesday, 4 July, 2012 - 21:02
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This cosplay is perfection xD I love it! Aaaaaah- Mercutio~ <3 Nice touch with the legs ;D and I love the shoes and please excuse me I need to go calm down my inner fangirl x'D

by x-Blade-x on Tuesday, 14 August, 2012 - 21:55
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Kei, you are fantastic! I still want to Teahouse cosplay with you!

by chyphens on Tuesday, 4 December, 2012 - 18:22

To-Do List

Customise shoesHighComplete
Customise trousersHighComplete
Make shirtHighComplete
Make jacketHighComplete
Buy shoesHighComplete
Buy fabricsHighComplete
Style wigHighComplete

Shopping List

Bias binding£2.24Bought
Shoes (including postage)£20.00Bought


Shirt (Posted 28th June 2012)

Made the shirt today, it didn't take very long...until I got around to the closure. The only way I could think of fastening this top was hooks and eyes, and this left me with 18 sets of them to sew on by hand! It took me three hours...*falls asleep*

The shoes turned up today, they're not quite the right colour but they'll do!

Jacket Complete! (Posted 27th June 2012)

Finished the jacket off today--hurrah! I've spent hours upon hours hand-stitching the black pattern on the sleeves and the blue diamonds on the back and sleeves.
Blue diamonds were white fabric (offcuts from the jacket) coloured in with fabric markers!
Hopefully I got all the detail right--there aren't a lot of reference pics for this outfit =/ Still, that's one less thing to complete for this costume!

Bloomin' bias binding (Posted 26th June 2012)

Sewed all the bias binding onto the jacket yesterday. Also pinned all the other details on and sewed all but one sleeve...will do the other sleeve tomorrow; since I have to hand-stitch it (because I'm an idiot and didn't think to do this bit of detail first) sewing it takes AGES.
Also 'customised' the trousers...basically rolled them up a little and pinned with safety pins to secure! (They'll double up as trousers for the cosplay ball so I don't want to stitch them) Not really customising is it?!

Once I've stitched that sleeve I just have to make the top and customise the shoes (once they turn up)

Jacket In (Posted 24th June 2012)

Made more progress with the jacket--finished the sleeves, added the collar and lining and pinned bias binding around the edges.
Would have got more done but tired today so could only just focus on this stuff!

Jacket it in Hell (Posted 23rd June 2012)

Worked on the jacket today. Unfortunately made a big mess of the sleeves and spent most of the day unpicking, resewing, repinning, unpinning, trimming, repinning...aggggggggggh!!!
For around five hours work I only have an unfinished jacket to show for it! I still have to do the cuffs, collar, and the black details...am thinking some of this will require hand-sewing too...baaaaaaaah!

Wig (Posted 20th June 2012)

The wig I'm using for this costume was from my Takuto Iwai (Gakuen Heaven) cosplay. I'd made it wavy for that costume, so obviously had to make it straight for this one.
Used a straightening brush and a hairdryer on a low heat to take the waves out and change the parting!