Costume :The Imperial Condesce/Her Imperious Condescension
Source :MS Paint Adventures: Homestuck
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :AmeChibi 2015

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Cost : 245.73
Time Taken : 2012: a week + 2014: around 3 weeks so far

Dat hair, dat trident. This was to go with Zomboi's Grand Highblood, but ended up not cosplaying on the Sunday of Ame '12 because I was very ill and couldn't face it. I am making some improvements to the wig (putting fishies in it) and replacing the shoes as they were a last minute "these'll do" at the time.

EDIT: OMG! Officially my most expensive cosplay EVAR!(TM) so much bling... :{


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Looking awesome. Loving all the bling heh!

by Roenua on Monday, 11 March, 2013 - 00:40


Plush Rump (Posted 25th October 2014)

So I totally fail at taking pictures of my own butt, it looks way better and more plumptious irl when I have the pads under actual tights instead of random shorts as well.

I followed Pertrilude's Drag Butt Pad tutorial to make my very own plush rump: http://youtu.be/Z5ks3D_Lo-U?list=PLD6D36A6AAA64DA46

Basically because Condesce is Troll Nicki Minaj I need to pad out my ass. Actual fact. Nicki also doesn't wear a bra as a rule (I got a biiiiit carried away/in-depth with research...), so I'm not going to wear one either, however I will need a bit of support because my bigass boobies aren't silicone, so science involving a bodyshaper will occur once it arrives in the post. ;)

Progress: Nails Stage 1 (Posted 28th September 2014)

I started with a pack of stiletto nails, tidied them up, painted them yellow and decided they looked kinda boring and flat, so I used dome crackle FX nail polish which I had in white then put another layer or two of yellow over the top. Better, yes, a bit plain still, yes. At this point I asked myself WWNMD, or "What Would Nicki Minaj Do?" and broke out the bling.

Progress: Nails Stage 2 (Posted 28th September 2014)

So I had some random bronze nail varnish kicking about and I decided to give the nail tips a bit of a burnishing with it.

Progress: Earrings (Posted 28th September 2014)

So I bought a set of hoops and studs, but used nail polish to make the fake diamond studs pink. Plus I took the old hoops from 2012 and added some beads. The rest of the earrings were bought unaltered, there's a second pink pair of studs and the two sets that are going in my actual ears are just mine anyway.

Progress: Nails Stage 3 (Posted 28th September 2014)

Another WWNMD moment resulted in GOLD SHELLS EVERYWHERE.

Progress: Shellphone Stage 3 (Posted 27th September 2014)


Progress: Shellphone Stage 2 (Posted 27th September 2014)

Commence bedazzling!

Progress: Shellphone Stage 1 (Posted 26th September 2014)

First I painted the base shell with various shades of nail polish.

Progress: Goggles Stage 4 (Posted 26th September 2014)

Then I put rhinestones in a light pink in the eyelashes because they were looking lonely and a bit bare beside the fabulousness of the rest of the goggles.

Progress: Goggles Stage 3 (Posted 26th September 2014)

So Gilding occurred. I kind of wanted to have the lenses transitioning into the frames, so I played with gold leaf. It is pretty.

Progress: Goggles Stage 2 (Posted 26th September 2014)

I also covered the back in pink pearls because I was enjoying myself by this point and to hide the slightly messy glue gunning from 2012 as well.

Progress: Goggles Stage 1 (Posted 26th September 2014)

So taking the original 2012 dame Edna specs, I added pink rhinestones in, I think 4 different shades, dark magenta "outline", a ring of one shade of cerise, then a slightly different shade of cerise for the wing shape, then filling in the gaps with another shade of cerise. I used different sizes of jems as well to make a wee pattern. I'm into being organic and asymetrical, so I kind of made it us as I went along. Also, the base was a bit wonky (I was VERY ill when I made them originally)

Look at the shiny, shiny! (Posted 26th September 2014)

Base mermaid and shellphone.

Bedazzling commences in 5-4-3-2-1-0!

I've also been having a go at gilding, more pics to follow with the results. Bedazzling is very relaxing, but gilding is quite fiddly and tricky.

Progress: Rings (Posted 25th September 2014)

I had most of these from 2012, but had to buy a few new ones to be more accurate as before I was kinda just going with what I could get at the time since I did only spend like a week on in whilst also making Lady Loki and First class Magneto.

Money Talks. (Posted 25th September 2014)

I am getting insanely detailed with this due to OVEREXCITEMENT.

Boonbucks (Posted 25th September 2014)

Kerching! Gonna make it rain. lol.

Boondollars (Posted 25th September 2014)

Now you too can print off life-size versions of Hamsteak money.

Illustration (Posted 15th August 2014)

Kind of trying to pull together all the inspiration into one drawing. It tells me what I'm doing, even if nobody else understands it. lol.

Dair Hair Inspiration (Posted 15th August 2014)

Dat Hair. I want to try an convey the idea that her hair eats everything in its path, hence why I'm putting fishies in it. I also want to make it part wig, part dreads because i think it looks more sea-life-like and also more "alive" that way.

Horns Refs (Posted 15th August 2014)

I believe her horns are those of some sort of gazelle, so I'm going to make them ridged this time instead of flat and cartoony as before.

Shellphone Screen Graphic (Posted 14th August 2014)

Whipped this baby up in photoshop in like 10mins.

Shellphone Refs. (Posted 14th August 2014)

I have gotten my grubby little mitts on a Playmobil mermaid set with a clamshell in it to make into a Shellphone. As the Condesce is actually Nikki Minaji, I am going to bling it all to heck seeing as I have bought ALL THE RHINESTONES to make the Dame Edna goggles EVEN MOAR fabulous, make the arm bling even blingy-er, make the hair fishies all shiny and fishscale-y and possibly jazz up my new shoes. Tbh, we might end up with a wee case of RHINESTONES EVERYWHERE if I'm not reigned in by someone... I MAAAAAAYYYYY have bought £30 worth of nail art jems because I was feeling sad and it made me happy to look at the shiny-shinies... WHOOPS! WM ;P

Ref. (Posted 11th August 2014)

So, although the costume was finished back in 2012, I never wore it. So, 2 years later I'll dig it out, purchase a few new bits and bobs and then I've got to alter it a bit and replace things that have been broken in transit/storage.

Leggings base (Posted 2nd August 2012)

That's right, I'm a nutter and decided to make leggings instead of buying them. lol. I've got some health issues which mean wearing a full-on bodysuit that you can't get in and out of easily (dat wig will hamper my ability to move much) isn't a great plan right now, so I made leggings and a top (was originally a body, but the lines line up better on a top).

Goggles & Crown (Posted 2nd August 2012)

I wonder if Dame Edna's noticed I've nicked her specs yet...?

Ears... (Posted 2nd August 2012)

... and yet more bling. Added some gems to things yo.

Base shoes (Posted 2nd August 2012)

... and some more bling...

Body 2 (Posted 2nd August 2012)

The pipening!

Body 1 (Posted 2nd August 2012)

base body

Bling Bling! (Posted 2nd August 2012)

This is a represenative selection of my bling.