Costume :The Imperial Condesce/Her Imperious Condescension
Source :MS Paint Adventures: Homestuck
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Auchinawa 2014

Costume Photos

Auchinawa Masquerade 2

Auchinawa Masquerade 1






Costume Information

Cost : 247.73
Time Taken : 2012: a week + 2014: around 6 weeks

Dat hair, dat trident. This was to go with Zomboi's Grand Highblood, but ended up not cosplaying on the Sunday of Ame '12 because I was very ill and couldn't face it. I am making some improvements to the wig (putting fishies in it) and replacing the shoes as they were a last minute "these'll do" at the time.

EDIT: OMG! Officially my most expensive cosplay EVAR!(TM) so much bling... :{


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Looking awesome. Loving all the bling heh!

by Roenua on Monday, 11 March, 2013 - 01:40
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I love all the detail going into the cosplay! You've put a lot of research into it <3

by Freyarule on Thursday, 6 November, 2014 - 20:46


Progress: Salt Spray (Posted 12th November 2014)

Night before Auchi I sprayed a epsom salt and boiling water mix onto EVERYTHING. Salt crystals grew overnight and I was a salty sea (and batter of course) witch! :D

Progress: Ears & Fins Stage 2 (Posted 11th November 2014)

A fish's fins are the most delicate and easily damaged part of their anatomy, because of this, i wanted Condesce's ears to look rough and a little bit scarred, as if she'd been in a lot of fights. I semi-succeeded. Again, working with the liquid latex coloured with Acrylic ink, I figured out how to do it quite near then end; again, next set of fins I make can appy what i learned from this first pair. Also added the earrings and they look awesome. :)

Progress: Ears & Fins Stage 1 (Posted 11th November 2014)

I bought a base pair of mermaid ear tips for the original cosplay and painted them (badly) with cheap acrylic paint, which just flaked off. This time I had a better plan (see stage 2)!

To make the base for the fins, I freehand drew a pattern based on the dimensions of the base ear tips, cut it out of craft foam and then hot glued wire to one side of the pattern. I've since figured out how to make them lighter and in less time by making these, but, meh, it's done now. Next pair of mermaid ear-fins I make I'll use the quicker, lighter method (and lo, they will be many and wondrous.

Progress: Horns Stage 5 (Posted 8th November 2014)

Cut holes into my old John wig, popped the horns through and then worn on top of the actual wig. Done.

Progress: Horns Stage 4 (Posted 8th November 2014)

Spray paint to cover the paper machee, then white acrylic over it, gradient with acrylic in red and yellow mixed; then attached to a headband and combs hot glued to it.

Progress: Horns Stage 3 (Posted 8th November 2014)

Papier machee and texturising with tissue paper.

Progress: Horns Stage 2 (Posted 8th November 2014)

Same technique as the crown pattern: wrap in cellophane then used brown tape to wrap and shape it, cut it open, stuffed with pillow wadding and then taped up again.

Progress: Horns Stage 1 (Posted 8th November 2014)

Wire frame, tinfoil base and then Das Paper Clay sculpting.

Progress: Crown Stage 3 (Posted 8th November 2014)

Jems are glass cabochons painted with nail polish and the crown attaches to my head with combs.

Progress: Crown Stage 2 (Posted 8th November 2014)

Worbla fun and then spray paint, same as the anklets. The heat gun melted the plastic bag I was using to protect the dummy head.

Progress: Crown Stage 1 (Posted 8th November 2014)

I started with a mannequin head and some cellophane, used sellotape to shape it to the forehead; free-handed the shape with a sharpie then cut it out to make the pattern fit to the curve of a human forehead.

Cigar (Posted 8th November 2014)

I bought a fake puff cigar for photos. Also useful for Wolverine. Fake because I don't smoke, i actually hate smoking as a thing.

Research: Salty Sea Witch (Posted 6th November 2014)

I want to spray pretty much most of this cosplay with salt water to try and encourage crystals to grow on it and make it look like she's been living in the sea for reals. I won't be able to do this until the night before the con though at Zomboi's as transporting the costume will cause the crystals to fall off and make my bag all salty. They'll be easy enough to wash off again and reapply for re-wears.

Links/How To Grow Your Own Crystals:


Progress: Trident Stage 2 (Posted 5th November 2014)

Because the trident comes apart, I had to make the wrap velcro on/off to accomodate that fact. Comparison between my 2012 attempt at a trident and my 2014 attempt.

Progress: Trident Stage 1 (Posted 5th November 2014)

Base trident was made of two halloween/fancy dress devil pitchforks sprayed gold and then touched up with rub-n-buff, it rained when I was spraying it so the surface got a bit rough, but agian that adds to the being eroded by salt-water feel i wanted all the accessories to have.

Progress: Shutter Shades Stage 2 (Posted 4th November 2014)

Acetate folder for the "glass", papier machee and spray painted base, hot glued together, bedazzled, acrylic paint to make it all rough and look like barnacles had eroded and clung to the surface and then a wee bit of nail polish on the "limpets" to make them a bit sparkly.

Progress: Shutter Shades Stage 1 (Posted 3rd November 2014)

Old pink party sunglasses, craft foam shutters. Lots of glue.

Progress: Gloves (Posted 3rd November 2014)

These went very wrong, but for a first attempt at gloves I'm quite proud of them. My hands are so small that I did not in fact need half the pattern pieces (no gussets next time) and had to keep taking them in... most vexing.

Progress: Shoes (Posted 3rd November 2014)

yes those are the actual shoes I used in my fashion illustration. I only bedazzled the heels as I quite liked the suede and also I am tired and don't wanna...

Progress: Gold Fish Hair Clips (Posted 3rd November 2014)

So I bought a wooden fish mobile, took it apart, sprayed the fishies gold, bedazzled them, gilded them with rub-n-buff then glued hair clips and the hand-rolled dreads to them. I wanted to make it look like the dreads were seaweed being trailed/swum through by the goldfish.

Progress: Wig Stage 2 (Posted 27th October 2014)

So these fishies got sewn into the wig, plus a ring from the original costume.

Progress: Wig Stage 1 (Posted 27th October 2014)

Two wigs sewn together. Normally if a wig looked the way these do one would despair and break out the wig comb/flamethrower and start again; HOWEVER, they're all tangly on purpose. I want her hair to look as if the sea winds have been whipping it back and forth for her. I may or may not have been dancing to this wearing it as soon as i'd finished splicing it just to add to the mess, natch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymKLymvwD2U

Progress: Hand Rolled Dreads Stage 3 (Posted 26th October 2014)

Hung them up and left to dry overnight. Pretty.

Progress: Hand Rolled Dreads Stage 2 (Posted 26th October 2014)

So I use a sushi mat to roll the dreads because I have joint problems, it also means I didn't really get the dreads as tight as I'd have liked, but a) this was my first attempt at hand felting and b) she's a mermaid so it works.

Progress: Hand Rolled Dreads Stage 1 (Posted 26th October 2014)

I used this set of tutorials to figure out how to make roving wool/felt tops dreads: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBgnCk1OBtsPWA1nxF-arMV6JspcVE8Fy

Progress: Machine Felted Dreads Stage 3 (Posted 25th October 2014)

This is how they turned out, pretty happy with them, very lightweight and organic twisting shapes as desired.

Progress: Machine Felted Dreads Stage 2 (Posted 25th October 2014)

Then I sort of adapted shibori and tie-dye techniques using all the elastic bands the postman leaves behind before bunging into the washing machine at 60 degrees Celsius. anything above 50 degrees C should successfully felt in the machine.

Progress: Machine Felted Dreads Stage 1 (Posted 25th October 2014)

So machine felting is one of the few practical skills that I was actually taught at Uni that I can actually use without getting really sick/dying, etc. What you need is Felt tops/Roving Wool, needle and thread/sewing machine and J-cloths. You shape the roving wool inside two j-cloths (or one folded over) and then sew them closed.

Progress: Wetsuit (Posted 24th October 2014)

So this is the original two-piece, that I took in and sewed into a one-piece since it's actually easier to deal with that way. It' not my best work, but considering how sick i was when I originally made it, it's not terrible. Meh, it'll do as I can't be bothered to make a new one and it's cost enough already thanks...

Plush Rump (Posted 23rd October 2014)

So I totally fail at taking pictures of my own butt, it looks way better and more plumptious irl when I have the pads under actual tights instead of random shorts as well.

I followed Pertrilude's Drag Butt Pad tutorial to make my very own plush rump: http://youtu.be/Z5ks3D_Lo-U?list=PLD6D36A6AAA64DA46

Basically because Condesce is Troll Nicki Minaj I need to pad out my ass. Actual fact. Nicki also doesn't wear a bra as a rule (I got a biiiiit carried away/in-depth with research...), so I'm not going to wear one either, however I will need a bit of support because my bigass boobies aren't silicone, so science involving a bodyshaper will occur once it arrives in the post. ;)

Progress: Pisces Bling Chain (Posted 20th October 2014)

Wire frame base, Das paper clay, craft foam padding, more paper clay, papier machee then spray paint, crackle effect nail polish the rub-n-buff. Old chain attached with wire, done.

Progress: Bracelets Stage 6 - Wire Torque Part 2 (Posted 19th October 2014)

Then I began to take a hammer to it to make it look textured and beaten, but I got in trouble for making too much noise "and what will the neighbours think?!" off of my mum... well, seeing as the neighbours set off fireworks in their front garden, into the main road on Guy fawkes a few years ago, probably not much. *Sigh* Will finish it like the day before the con at Zomboi's as his neighbours and mum won't care. lol.

Progress: Bracelets Stage 6 - Wire Torque Part 1 (Posted 15th October 2014)

Bent some gold wire into a torque.

Progress: Bracelets Stage 5 - Beaded Part 2 (Posted 15th October 2014)

See part 1.

Progress: Bracelets Stage 5 - Beaded Part 1 (Posted 15th October 2014)

I started with 2 beaded bracelets, cut them apart, painted them with nail polish and then restrung them. The other bracelets I just cut up some plain gold beads, made them big enough then restrung them too.

Progress: Bracelets Stage 4 - Paper Clay (Posted 15th October 2014)

So this bangle started life as the inside of a roll of sellotape covered in Das paper clay (which I love btw), I pressed a scaled bracelet from 2012, which is really uncomfortable to wear, into the wet clay then bedazzled it. Next came papier machee and then spray paint and rub-n-buff. I love it. I want to make more bangles this way.

Progress: Bracelets Stage 3 - Worbla (Posted 15th October 2014)

Same as anklets.

Progress: Bracelets Stage 2 - Bought (Posted 15th October 2014)

Pretty much spray paint and rub n buff on some base brangles.

Progress: Bracelets Stage 1 (Posted 15th October 2014)

So a whole mixture of worbla, bought and other going on here.

Progress: Anklets (Posted 15th October 2014)

Worbla is a lot of fun to play with. Spray paint, less so. I think this is the last costume I will be using spray paint on as the fumes make me very ill and triggered an episode of anxiety and depression. Disabilities and cosplay = Fun times.

Bag & Wallet (Posted 1st October 2014)

I need matching bags for all future cosplays because I am well sad like that. Also, I need to have my epi-pen and emergency meds on me at all times, so making cosplays with pockets and matching bags is now a major priority. MAJOR. ;P

I also got a Barbie wallet to keep the boonbucks in.

Progress: Mermaid Hair Clip Stage 2 (Posted 1st October 2014)

Add a clip, glue it together and we're done. :)

Progress: Mermaid Hair Clip Stage 1 (Posted 30th September 2014)

Playmobil mermaid + nail polish + bedazzling = this.

Progress: Starfish Hair Clips (Posted 30th September 2014)

Took apart some bobbles, bedazzled them, stuck on clips, et voila.

Progress: Sew in Hair Accessories (Posted 30th September 2014)

Gilded and bedazzled beads.

Progress: Shellphone Stage 5 (Posted 29th September 2014)

So the Shellphone had a bit of an accident in that I spilled a glass of water on the printed screen before i got the plastic acetate over it... I was just at that point where I decided to draw a crack on the screen instead of humphing the printer out and getting it set up for like 2 tiny things.

Progress: Shellphone Stage 4 (Posted 29th September 2014)

Inset to put the screen into.

Progress: Nails Stage 3 (Posted 28th September 2014)

Another WWNMD moment resulted in GOLD SHELLS EVERYWHERE.

Progress: Nails Stage 2 (Posted 28th September 2014)

So I had some random bronze nail varnish kicking about and I decided to give the nail tips a bit of a burnishing with it.

Progress: Nails Stage 1 (Posted 28th September 2014)

I started with a pack of stiletto nails, tidied them up, painted them yellow and decided they looked kinda boring and flat, so I used dome crackle FX nail polish which I had in white then put another layer or two of yellow over the top. Better, yes, a bit plain still, yes. At this point I asked myself WWNMD, or "What Would Nicki Minaj Do?" and broke out the bling.

Progress: Earrings (Posted 28th September 2014)

So I bought a set of hoops and studs, but used nail polish to make the fake diamond studs pink. Plus I took the old hoops from 2012 and added some beads. The rest of the earrings were bought unaltered, there's a second pink pair of studs and the two sets that are going in my actual ears are just mine anyway.

Progress: Shellphone Stage 3 (Posted 27th September 2014)

Gilding with gold leaf.

Progress: Shellphone Stage 2 (Posted 27th September 2014)

Commence bedazzling!

Progress: Shellphone Stage 1 (Posted 26th September 2014)

First I painted the base shell with various shades of nail polish.

Progress: Goggles Stage 4 (Posted 26th September 2014)

Then I put rhinestones in a light pink in the eyelashes because they were looking lonely and a bit bare beside the fabulousness of the rest of the goggles.

Progress: Goggles Stage 3 (Posted 26th September 2014)

So Gilding occurred. I kind of wanted to have the lenses transitioning into the frames, so I played with gold leaf. It is pretty.

Progress: Goggles Stage 2 (Posted 26th September 2014)

I also covered the back in pink pearls because I was enjoying myself by this point and to hide the slightly messy glue gunning from 2012 as well.

Progress: Goggles Stage 1 (Posted 26th September 2014)

So taking the original 2012 dame Edna specs, I added pink rhinestones in, I think 4 different shades, dark magenta "outline", a ring of one shade of cerise, then a slightly different shade of cerise for the wing shape, then filling in the gaps with another shade of cerise. I used different sizes of jems as well to make a wee pattern. I'm into being organic and asymetrical, so I kind of made it us as I went along. Also, the base was a bit wonky (I was VERY ill when I made them originally)

Look at the shiny, shiny! (Posted 26th September 2014)

Base mermaid and shellphone.

Bedazzling commences in 5-4-3-2-1-0!

I've also been having a go at gilding, more pics to follow with the results. Bedazzling is very relaxing, but gilding is quite fiddly and tricky.

Progress: Rings (Posted 25th September 2014)

I had most of these from 2012, but had to buy a few new ones to be more accurate as before I was kinda just going with what I could get at the time since I did only spend like a week on in whilst also making Lady Loki and Rubbish Tiger Ivan.

Money Talks. (Posted 25th September 2014)

I am getting insanely detailed with this due to OVEREXCITEMENT.

Boonbucks (Posted 25th September 2014)

Kerching! Gonna make it rain. lol.

Boondollars (Posted 25th September 2014)

Now you too can print off life-size versions of Hamsteak money.

2012 Horns (Posted 29th August 2014)

Old Horns, now scrapped.

Illustration (Posted 15th August 2014)

Kind of trying to pull together all the inspiration into one drawing. It tells me what I'm doing, even if nobody else understands it. lol.

Dair Hair Inspiration (Posted 15th August 2014)

Dat Hair. I want to try an convey the idea that her hair eats everything in its path, hence why I'm putting fishies in it. I also want to make it part wig, part dreads because i think it looks more sea-life-like and also more "alive" that way.

Horns Refs (Posted 15th August 2014)

I believe her horns are those of some sort of gazelle, so I'm going to make them ridged this time instead of flat and cartoony as before.

Shellphone Screen Graphic (Posted 14th August 2014)

Whipped this baby up in photoshop in like 10mins.

Shellphone Refs. (Posted 14th August 2014)

I have gotten my grubby little mitts on a Playmobil mermaid set with a clamshell in it to make into a Shellphone. As the Condesce is actually Nikki Minaji, I am going to bling it all to heck seeing as I have bought ALL THE RHINESTONES to make the Dame Edna goggles EVEN MOAR fabulous, make the arm bling even blingy-er, make the hair fishies all shiny and fishscale-y and possibly jazz up my new shoes. Tbh, we might end up with a wee case of RHINESTONES EVERYWHERE if I'm not reigned in by someone... I MAAAAAAYYYYY have bought £30 worth of nail art jems because I was feeling sad and it made me happy to look at the shiny-shinies... WHOOPS! WM ;P

Ref. (Posted 12th August 2014)

So, although the costume was finished back in 2012, I never wore it. So, 2 years later I'll dig it out, purchase a few new bits and bobs and then I've got to alter it a bit and replace things that have been broken in transit/storage.

Leggings base (Posted 2nd August 2012)

That's right, I'm a nutter and decided to make leggings instead of buying them. lol. I've got some health issues which mean wearing a full-on bodysuit that you can't get in and out of easily (dat wig will hamper my ability to move much) isn't a great plan right now, so I made leggings and a top (was originally a body, but the lines line up better on a top).

Goggles & Crown (Posted 2nd August 2012)

I wonder if Dame Edna's noticed I've nicked her specs yet...?

Ears... (Posted 2nd August 2012)

... and yet more bling. Added some gems to things yo.

Base shoes (Posted 2nd August 2012)

... and some more bling...

Body 2 (Posted 2nd August 2012)

The pipening!

Body 1 (Posted 2nd August 2012)

base body

Bling Bling! (Posted 2nd August 2012)

This is a represenative selection of my bling.