Costume :Yuffie Kisaragi
Source :Final Fantasy VII
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo Comic Con May 2014

Costume Photos


Now it's time to give them a taste of pain a-la-Yuffie!

Jamie Barnes video

Jackpot at Gold Saucer

Alright everyone, let's mosey.

Thinkin' of running away? Stay and fight!

Good night, until tomorrow!

Great warriors

It's pretty hard standing on two feet...


Costume Information

Cost : £34.84
Time Taken : Not nearly enough that I should of!

Oct MCM '12: Following on from the positivity received on my Kingdom Hearts Yuffie and for complete childhood nostalgia. Part of a wee FFVII group with 1337Pete as Vincent and cosplaymatt1 as Cideh ^-^


Put back to In Progress and To-Do List has been amended for May Expo to match cosplaymatt1' Cactuar and 1337Pete' Vinny!

There is still love for my Yuffie which I'm super chuffed with; very glad I went with the leg armour in the end, I do just need to smooth out the inside as the paper mache scratched against my leg :< Ofc the amount of pics taken helped because I was going round with Cactuar! But some did just want ones of me on my own which was satisfying. Our system on Saturday worked well because I led Matt around in front of him, ensuring he doesn't bump or trip over as he only has limited vision whilst Pete (Vincent) had his back. Also on Sunday we ended up going around with a Cloud so that trio was popular!


I wore this on the cosplay desk at the last Euroogamer~

First time crewing, was a fun albeit at times stressful experience. The feedback was as lovely as ever, comments of how cool/awesome/skinny (o.0) I looked and a Nintendo staff member asking if he can touch my armour, haha! Definitely pushes me to make her better c:


To-do list has been updated for Hyper Japan COSParade.

Entered in my first 'parade with Pete and Matt. I managed to improve a few things like make the forearm guard black where it was needed and rivets added to my shoulder guard as well as adding materia to the shuriken and glueing down the velcro on my holster so as it didn't come loose/off. We didn't win (congratulations to the idolm@aster group) but it was such a great experience hanging out and chinwagging with the other contestants and being a part of the performance. I was SO nervous but I don't think it went too badly for my first time :) Plus we were first up and I really needed a wee LOL! Back on the con floor, ho' damn I swear there were more photos taken than at Expo even! Once we stopped for one photo, 8+ people joined in with their phones and cameras D8 Got more great responses to our costumes and props (Square Enix finally acknowledged us, unlike at Expo). One response in particular was from ECG winner Sketch McDraw who we had some craic with backstage also - *chuffed* Thanks once again if you took our photo, bantered with us or stopped to chat ^_^' All of this makes me think I should improve Yuuf more and keep her for future events~


So Expo has come and gone; and what fun it was! It always is, but my goodness the response my friends and I got this year was incredible!!

Hardest part: I didn't make all the aspects of my costume but I did do some of the paper mache work on the shoulder guard. That actually took three attempts to get the shape right; going over a blown up balloon several times [very awkward what with the round shape] with paper and wallpaper glue/PVA and popping it once dry, cutting off the jagged edges, smoothing wallpaper filler over the surface before painting silver. I'm proud that I came up with the idea for the orange materia (is it materia or Wutai's logo thing? 0_o) by doing ditto method for the shoulder part but over a golf ball. To get the shiny effect I finished it off with more PVA. It was then just backed onto a small piece of foam also painted a few times with silver paint.

Easiest part was probably the headband, although I didn't get time to put poppers/hooks 'n eyes onto the back of the thicker white band that is meant to go underneath the thin green one. Also other fairly easy parts were the forearm and upper arm guards.

Problems: The shoulder guard didn't want to stay on my shoulder; whether that was due to the weight from the wallpaper filler or something else I don't know, but that was quite annoying having to hitch it up every so often especially with the abundance of photos wanted taken of my friends and I. I didn't manage to figure out how to clip the thigh guard onto my shorts via garter belt straps but I'm taking on board a suggestion give to me on how to do that hopefully in time for Hyper Japan. I also continued to have problems with fishnet tights (see Kingdom Hearts Yuffie) but again on reflection I think I know what to do when/if I wear Yuuf again. The harness belts didn't want to stay in place on Sunday although they held fine on Saturday which I'm glad since it's the main day of the con imo. Due to the armslug not allowing much if any movement in my arm, it did make my arm ache but I don't really care because its one of my favourite aspects on the costume.

Due to the time of year, on the veery few occasions I was outside it was absolutely FREEZING to wear, but apart from that comfy. As I mentioned earlier the response was like nothing I've ever received before in all the time I've gone to Expo and cosplayed; so many photos taken and compliments with bits of FF banter thrown in for good measure. Thank you so much if you're one of these people :D


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hey thouse clothing bits you picked up look good now i compare them with the artwork :D

by cosplaymatt1 on Wednesday, 8 August, 2012 - 14:48
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Looks good!

by Fliss on Tuesday, 21 August, 2012 - 21:38
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Looks good!

by InfiniteJester on Friday, 9 November, 2012 - 09:11
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Give me back my Materia! XD

Looks fab. You make a cute Yuffie :)

by PandoraCaitiff on Tuesday, 26 March, 2013 - 10:33
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Really cute Yuffie! you really suit her, awesome job! :D

by FuwaMin on Friday, 31 May, 2013 - 15:08
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You really suit Yuffie :) This is a fantastic costume, especially that armpiece :)

by Zelvyne on Wednesday, 17 July, 2013 - 16:45
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Always good to see cosplays from the original Final Fantasy VII. I’m sure I saw this costume form a distance at the Expo but didn’t get a chance to get a photo of you

by ArcaneArchery on Monday, 19 August, 2013 - 19:55
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hey :D howd ya get that moving photo in your gallery it would be cool to have it in mine as I was the cid highwind in front of ya :D

by cosplaymatt1 on Tuesday, 15 October, 2013 - 21:11

You make an awesome Yuffie!!

by Shintana on Saturday, 2 November, 2013 - 15:43
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Nice work :)

by Cy-Fi on Friday, 29 November, 2013 - 16:21

To-Do List

Prepare x2 straps for leg armour HighComplete
Cut leg armour in half (widthways)HighComplete
Paper mache & paint silver top edge of leg armourHighComplete
Sew leg armour straps to shortsHighComplete
Repair shurikenHighPlanned
Carry out weathering on glovesMediumComplete
Smooth front section of inside leg armour (fabric?)MediumPlanned
New [white] headbandLowComplete
Make hair 'tails'LowPlanned
Modify harness (shorten front+back, add fake rivets and place the straps higher)LowPlanned

Shopping List

Shoes (birthday present)£23.00Bought
proper legwarmers£1.75Bought
Fabric softener (don't need to wash my wig but at least I have it now for when I need to)£1.10Bought
Dungaree clips (for leg armour)£0.00To Buy


Sleeves, be gone! (Posted 19th May 2014)

No more armband slippage hopefully

ta da (Posted 12th May 2014)

Gesso then paint

1st layer (Posted 10th May 2014)

Uh huh honey

Let's sneak in quietly (Posted 8th May 2014)

sorry it looks like it was taken on a toaster!

I think I might have finally worked out the leg armour.. (Posted 7th May 2014)

Fingers crossed D: pics sooooon

Legwarmers (Posted 29th April 2014)

Idk how much of a difference it makes in comparison to the makeshift ones from socks..looking at the art of her, they're not meant to be tight so I guess that's my answer

Wiggggg g (Posted 11th April 2014)

Couldn't sleep last night because of anxiety as well as having the Ponyo theme stuck in my head (you think I'm joking I am not) and was [over]thinking wig stuff. I'm gonna give my current one a bit of TLC with this tutorial:

http://deadandbornandgrown.tumblr.com/post/50976862781/rosenview-how-to-take-your-wig-from-gross-to]this tutorial. If I feel it really isn't right then I will buy the one I've been planning to.

Due to personal reasons I also have to rest up for the next few days so I can't be doing lots of drastic work on Yuuf :( May get mammy or my bro to help

New headband (Posted 7th April 2014)

Just pinned at the mo as I wanna try it out when I get my new wig for any adjustments

Weathering x1 finished (Posted 6th April 2014)

So this is the result after a 6 hour soak and leaving outside for 2 nights; I thought the dew that sets in evenings/mornings might help in someway. So I've now got the other glove in!

EDIT: Checked it after 6 hours, decided it needed more time soaking. I'll probably hang it out over a few nights as before

Weathering (Posted 4th April 2014)

It has begun ○_● Just with one glove atm as a test; there's about 8 old tea bags in there! Going to check on it in x2 hours time, if I feel it needs more steeping I will leave for a further couple of hours.

EDIT: Left it for about 6 hours in the end, now drip-drying outside. Havn't rinsed it out as some tutorials suggest because I don't want the shade to seep out plus it's going to rain on Sunday anyway xD Which should help the process what with the chemicals in rain~

Amour armour (Posted 23rd September 2013)

My armor has been through it a bit what with Expo and Hyper Japan so I gave it some TLC via paint c:

Headband improvement (Posted 23rd September 2013)

The green was too light for the material so I'm trying to get them to match

Weathering/Distressing (Posted 3rd May 2013)

Had some leftover black paint on a brush so thought I'd give it a go watered down on my shoulder guard. Idk if I like it/it made a difference or not