Costume :Harley Goon
Source :Batman Arkham City: Harley's Revenge
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

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Being made by FlyingMamaml for October Expo 2012.


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Starters.. (Posted 2nd June 2012)

The open face lycra head peice is complete.
Luckily I had just enough black lycra left over from other costumes. I sewed a basic shape, made Skull try it on, then sewed some more. I hope it's comfy.
Photo of it on me, looks better on Skull.

- FlyingMammal

DLC.. (Posted 30th May 2012)

I watched Shaun playing the DLC; Harley's Revenge, which he completed tonight. We saw the Goons and I said he HAD to cosplay one. As I will make it him and he won't have a choice in the matter ;P He did agree if I made it.

The design we are going for seems simple, but it will involve a lot of double colours. If you have seen the goons you will know what I mean. I'm not posting any ref images because I don't know if that's classed as a spoiler.

We will be making a start on looking for fabrics and bits for this Saturday. We are aiming to complete this for October Expo, but if it's ready before I might temp him to drive to Manchester ;) hehe

Here goes nothing....... I'm actually tempted to have a go at being Harley, HAHAHAHAHHA as much as I like that idea, it's not going to happen.

Written By: FlyingMammal