Costume :Batgirl
Variant :Super Best Friends Forever
Source :DC Comics
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Bat ears



Base shoes

Group shot :3


Costume Information

For SPFF group Saturday Oct Expo 2012

quixoticschlemiel: Supergirl
puzzledpenguin: Wondergirl
NixieThePixie: Batgirl

Group thread :


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Oh, yes, base shoes! Getting there! I'll be posting that make-up tutorial asap, but my computer doesn't want to save it...grrr. Wow, you've bought a lot already, I need to get moving :D

by quixoticschlemiel on Monday, 4 June, 2012 - 21:31
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I only have 2 days every 8 days to work on costumes, so I want to be on that ball with it. Plus, I want to lose weight before making this, so I'll have it all bought then lose weight then make it :3

Also, since I've never made a cowl, glove or boots before, I want to get them made and out of the way lol!

by NixieThePixie on Tuesday, 5 June, 2012 - 14:04

To-Do List

Make cowl and capeHighIn Progress
Gloves and bootsHighPlanned
Make lycra suitHighPlanned
Make beltMediumPlanned
Research best cape materialLowComplete
Make spikes for glovesLowIn Progress

Shopping List

Lycra - purple£15.00Bought
base shoes£4.00Bought
Lycra - yellow£7.98Bought
False eyelashes (set of three)£13.97Bought
Green contacts£0.00Bought
Belt£0.00To Buy
Gadget stuff£0.00To Buy