Costume :Flam
Variant :Human
Source :My little pony: Friendship is magic
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

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Costume Information

Cost : 7
Time Taken : 7 hours

I really fell in love with this character once I saw them on MLP. My friend Catherine is doing Flim and we have the costumes now I just need the patterns for the vests and wigs. Yay!


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To-Do List

Black bowtieHighPlanned
Red wig (2)HighPlanned
Vest patternHighPlanned


Shirt, pants. shoes, hat (Posted 22nd May 2012)

My friend Catherine bought us matching outfits at the Thrift Store so I think that this cosplay will be finished soon. I need to cut the shirts so they're vests, get the two wigs, and get the black bowties.