Costume :No Face
Source :Spirited Away
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :London MCM Expo Comic Con October 2013

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yeah, y u no?

Face(?) reference

Side reference


Costume Information

This is for The Studio Ghibli Group for Friday of MCM


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I would love to see this at Ame :D I'm thinking of taking my Princess Mononoke and Sophie (H.M.Castle) cosplays (I have nothing from Sp.Away yet) so if I see you I'd like a pic please!!!! I hope you will be giving golden nuggets out and eating people :D:D

by Afireinsidegirl on Sunday, 17 June, 2012 - 08:34
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Awesome, yeah no problem getting a pic at all. You might have to either shout or tap me though as I'll probably not be able to see very much :D You'll just have to wait and see if I'll eat people or not though ;)

by Kata-san on Sunday, 17 June, 2012 - 11:44
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I hope I do spot you!! :)

by Afireinsidegirl on Saturday, 21 July, 2012 - 16:08
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Unfortunately I've not managed to get No Face complete for Amecon but hopefully it'll be for another con soon.

by Kata-san on Tuesday, 7 August, 2012 - 19:29
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Amazing, good luck with it (:

by Viola on Wednesday, 22 August, 2012 - 14:35
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Let me know if/when you are doing this PLEASE!!!

by Afireinsidegirl on Friday, 16 November, 2012 - 00:34