Cosplayer: whamm

Variant: Fem!

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

10th June 2012: Completely finished! Finally went ahead and finished up this cosplay.
Painted the shirt the correct blood colour
Got grey body paint and sealer
Got the white/black ballet flats
Got the wig

...I'm still waiting on my retractable fangs to arrive in the mail~ So excited! Yay!

30th May 2012: Horns update When they were drying they cracked majorly!!! But I fixed it!
All you gotta do is get a little bit of warm water and take a bit of model magic and mold it into a thin putty, let it dry over the cracks and tada! It works great!

24th May 2012: Stencil, Shirt, Pants, Painting horns My friend Raegan made me the stencil and it turned out great. I cut the black shirt so it hangs off the shoulders in a fashionable sense, also I dug out my grey skinny jeans that I bought last summer for the cosplay and also I filled the cracks in my horns in and now they look great. I'm going to finish the shirt and horns up tonight. Yay!

22nd May 2012: Horns - Blank/No paint My friend Raegan molded them out of model magic and they're drying fantastically. Hopefully I'll have them finished by tonight or tomorrow, painted and on the headband.

21st May 2012: Glasses - Attempt 1 I attempted to make the glasses this weekend. They worked alright, the lenses kept falling out and I kept having to super glue them back. They're looking a little tacky from all the glue so I think I'm going to start over. Super glue does not work, use hot glue!

How to to make them:
1 pair of cheap sunglasses (or reading glasses) from the Dollar Store
1 pack of translucent binder separators, they come in red, blue, green, orange, foggy white, and grey. My friend Kayla suggested this so thanks to her!
If the glasses are not silver (mine were a gold colour) then make sure to paint them, my dad used this weird appoxy paint that worked really well. Nail-polish and Acrylic pain works too!
When you're finished with getting everything together, then take the lens out of the glasses (or you can leave them in if they don't give you a headache) and paint the frame (if needed)
After they dry, take the original lens you popped out and set it down on the binder separators, trace around it and cut them out. Do two of them if you want to the colour to be thick and nice looking.
After you cut them out, use hot glue to glue them to the frames.
After they dry they should be ready to wear!
Make sure you're careful with them, especially if they're from the Dollar Store.
Happy Sollux-ing!