Costume :Usagi Yojimbo
Source :Usagi Yojimbo
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

fur is on the head^_^

this is allot harder than I thought it would be lol

front view

top is nearlly done, need to shape the ears allot more and need to work on mouth

the beggining waiting for me after expo^_^

I'll need two katanas for the Samurai Bunny lol also need the kimono aswell

fursuit is probobly the hardest one to make, mustn't forget his eyebrow lol

would be great if I saw turtles at expo lol


Costume Information

Well I'm not one who is big on furries but with that manga Usagi Yojimbo I am interested in, I have gotta give it a try at some point and have a go at a furry aslong as it's cosplay lol you all may have remembered him in Teenage mutant Ninja turtles as himself, he is actually a character in a manga of his own created in 1987, I havn't read the manga yet but I did hear it's quite good and I like turtles so why not^_^

UPDATE - I just brought some craft foam (type you find in chairs) and with the help of youtube, I shall be making the head from scratch^_^ I wonder if I could find a balaclava for the inside? will have to be white lol

UPDATE - I gots the foam today and I made progress before London Expo, after London Expo, I shall be continueing my work despite how exhausted I will be afterwards lol


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by rosieroo on Thursday, 24 May, 2012 - 14:53