Costume :Cruella De Vil
Source :Disneys 101 Dalmations
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Amecon 2012

Costume Photos


chillin' in the crib


bad girls!

amecon 1

Get me puppies

almost there!


coat ref

coat wip 2

coat wip 1



Costume Information



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though I wont make amecon... im sooooo excited to see this

by FuriePhoenix on Monday, 14 May, 2012 - 18:57
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This will be ace!

can't wait to see it!

by Numta on Monday, 14 May, 2012 - 19:00
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one word - amazing x

by FusionRose on Monday, 14 May, 2012 - 19:17
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So excited!!! <3

by Raine on Monday, 14 May, 2012 - 20:20
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Ahhhhhhhhh! Beats me to Cruella.. ^^

by Ranma1-2 on Monday, 14 May, 2012 - 21:42
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omg this will be so fabulous

by eternal_aranel on Tuesday, 17 July, 2012 - 11:59
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I hope so! Still waiting on my wig ¬¬

by Lozzie on Wednesday, 18 July, 2012 - 07:53
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i still adore how animated you are as Cruella!

by FuriePhoenix on Monday, 13 August, 2012 - 20:15
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Awww thankyou!! It was so strange, i just felt so in character with her and its really made for great photos. Oh, and video, i was caught screaming PUPPIIESSS GET ME THOSE PUPPIIEESSSS into a few video cameras XD

by Lozzie on Monday, 13 August, 2012 - 20:22
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This was probably my most rememberable time at Ame, so much laughing xD


by Raine on Tuesday, 14 August, 2012 - 11:04
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PUUUUUUPPPIIIIEEESSS!!!! It was my fave moment of Ame Raine <3 I wanna cosplay with you again!!

by Lozzie on Tuesday, 14 August, 2012 - 20:04
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<3 Excitemennnnt! We must plan something but your wedding comes first, then to the drawing board! *thigh rubs* xD

by Raine on Tuesday, 14 August, 2012 - 21:12
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So much fun! Love it. And brilliant in character photos

by DarkElf on Tuesday, 28 August, 2012 - 15:05
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Thanks so much! We had loads of fun! x

by Lozzie on Saturday, 22 September, 2012 - 12:08
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Not sure if it's a bad thing or a good thing but you look really good as Cruella! :3

by Pandora-Chi on Sunday, 23 September, 2012 - 12:59
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haha me neither! XD

by Lozzie on Friday, 28 September, 2012 - 08:33