Costume :Flannery
Source :Pokemon
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo May 2012

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Group Shot at Masquerade

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Costume Information

Cost : £47.73
Time Taken : 2 Hours 40 Minutes (Approximately)

Recently me and my group of friends that I cosplay with, attend expos and generally be awesome with, have gotten into the idea of group cosplays. And as we are all quite into Pokemon we decided to do a Gym Leaders group. There were seven of us; Misty, Sabrina, Roxanne, Flannery, Gardenia, Elesa and Skyla. We were going to have a Winona too, but she dropped out due to personal reasons.

I wanted to do Flannery because the fire type is one of my favourite types and unless I wanted to go all out comedy and cosplay Blaine then Flannery was my other option. We also chose this group as it was a pretty casual cosplay that we could still have fun with.

Thank you so much to the amazing BernieBear who styled my wig ON THE DAY, so she is lovely and deserves lots of love because I couldn't have styled it nearly as well as she has. The equally amazing Eloraborealis made all of our gym badges which were so cool! I felt Flannery was a pretty good choice for cosplay because she is pretty basic as far as cosplay goes, but can still look good.

We entered the masquerade as a performance, didn't win but anyone who saw us thank you for all the cheers and there is a video of us below of those who didn't see us. Also thanks to all the amazing people who took photos of our group, we were so colourful!


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Great cosplay, I love the group!

by ToroSonyCat on Friday, 26 April, 2013 - 20:20

To-Do List

Buy Red Wig and StyleHighComplete
Sew Flame to Crop TopHighComplete
Buy Pokemon Plushie - FlareonMediumComplete
Buy Black Crop TopLowComplete
Buy Baggy JeansLowComplete
Buy Belt LowComplete
Obtain PokeballsLowComplete

Shopping List

Red Wig£13.99Bought
Black Stretch Crop Top£9.20Bought
Baggy Jeans£4.50Bought
Flareon Plushie£11.05Bought


Wig Troubles (Posted 29th May 2012)

So I was a boob. Bought a plain bright red wig which I was literally planning to clip up and spike with hairspray/gel on the day like the lazy bugger I am. Asked my friend and fellow cosplayer BernieBear* to give me a hand and she was having none of this 'halfhearted spiky stuff'.

We spent the next odd hour and a half trying to get the wig to stay up. She did an absolutely fantastic job, but given the choice to do this costume again I would definitely spend more time plastering it in glue and letting it dry so it can set properly before wearing it out.

*BernieBear's Page -

Badges! (Posted 15th May 2012)

My friend and fellow cosplayer Eloraborealis* - who was cosplaying Roxanne in in our Pokemon gym leaders group - made all our badges! They are so cool! Made out of Femo and on a day when - she claims - she should have been revising, they are very light but so nice! It's a very nice touch

*Eloraborealis' Page -

Flame Top (Posted 13th March 2012)

My cropped top came today. Argh! Belly showing X_X Nervous! Got me felt and me needle out and managed to sew the flame insignia onto the top without bunching the fabric too much. The top was made of stretchy material - which made it more fiddly - but I think I got there in the end. Borrowing an overly large pair of jeans for the rest of the Cosplay. Recycling, yay!