Costume :Garret Hawke
Variant :Mage Champion
Source :Dragon Age 2
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

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Cost : £60 (another 20 on postage so far >.<)

A costume i've been wanting to do since the launch of the game. and i've decided that now is the time! im currently gathering materials for it and will begin work after may mcm expo and work over summer hopefully to have it ready for oct


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I cant wait to get started on that armor with you XD

by Sketch McDraw on Monday, 25 June, 2012 - 23:25
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Oh this is going to be amazing! :D

by Britlander on Tuesday, 26 June, 2012 - 19:34

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Armour Progress (Posted 13th July 2012)

Started work on the armour. hit some difficulties with using actual steel. the shapes in this build are just too outlandish xD so that i'm doing is covering card armour pieces in thick tinfoil (like the kind you get take aways in) once it's all covered then i'll tarnish and wear in the armour a bit to give it that used battle damaged feel.

Leather / Armour update (Posted 25th June 2012)

Deerhide ordered! and the cost of Hawke skyrockets once more!! the armour construction will hopefully begin soon. which will be made using artists card to work out shapes / folds, then copied using sheet steel for the end product. which will then be tarnished up nicely for a battle worn finish

Small Update (Posted 5th June 2012)

just ordered some black faux suede that will be used for the buttcape and the left glove. aswell as some nikel plated diamond studs to go on the glove. I also stumbled across a website with leatherworking supplies.. so i'm considering doing my own leatherworking rather than repurposing some old tack. we shal see :3

Chainmail (Posted 28th May 2012)

Just back from MCM EXPO and im already starting on my chainmail shirt for hawke. fortunately it doesn't need to be a full shirt as only the sleeves are visible. tho if i have time i may finish it off into a complete shirt just for the joy of it xD. im starting with the chainmail because it needs minimal planning and i expect it to be time consuming, so i can do it little by little with no mad crazy rush just before i need the costume finished.