Costume :cid highwind
Variant :kingdom hearts
Source :kingdom hearts
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo October 2012

Costume Photos

on the tube

cid higwind as he apears in kingdom hearts

full body shot

finished and was at expo october 2012 (friday)


ankle sock thingy


close / posing

trying on what i have so far



Costume Information

Time Taken : since may 2012

as im doing cid higwind in may 2012 and he apears in similar ways in other games / series after ff7 ,i decided to make the most out of the goggles ,gloves etc and use them for this costume (kingdom hearts)along with origional and A/C varients in october mcm expo. also i think cid is amazing and is one of my favorite final fantasy caractors of all time definatly from the 7 series anyway. the fact he apears in ff7 before crisis, ff7 the game , dirge of cerberus ,advent children and kingdom hearts (to name the few i can rember ) in my opinion show that he is clearly worth keeping / continuing with .


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To-Do List

find white shirtHighComplete
blue trousersHighComplete
black shoesHighComplete
make calf/ ankle covers (white bit)HighComplete
make a belly belt thingyHighComplete
wooden necklace HighComplete
find black goggles (or use brown i already have )MediumComplete
tooth pickMediumComplete
yellow hair wig / hair sprayMediumComplete

Shopping List

blue joggers£27.00Bought


belly belt (Posted 18th September 2012)

finally figured out a way to do that belt thingy ..... foam craft foam i think but is it brown , yellow or oragne i can't tell ..... should i paint or cover in material ? will show you what i end up with soon.

progress at last (Posted 7th August 2012)

found a few bit for my costume in traverse town ..... i mean croyden with the help of yuffie aka rosanna and david :D

time for the gym (Posted 2nd June 2012)

realsing i dont have the build for cid yet lol !