Costume :Nouhime
Source :Samurai Warriors 2
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo Oct 2009

Costume Photos

Oda Family


Oda and Noh

Oda and Noh

Lady Noh

Lady Noh


Costume Information

Cost : about £80
Time Taken : 5 months on and off

Finally Finished, the hoops on the wig kinda failed but i'm not gonna get stressy over it as i'm still learning and far from an expert in these kind of things ^^ I am really proud of how it turned out!


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Nohime is love <3

Cant wait to see it!

by stripey_dani on Tuesday, 25 November, 2008 - 21:52
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James = Nobunaga
Jessie = Nouhime

!!!!!!!!!!!! AWWESOME

by inspchin on Friday, 12 December, 2008 - 20:47
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Nouhime!! 8D I love her, she's so epic! I thought about doing her too! 83
I can't wait to see this x3 Good luck x)

by Charlie-Bear on Wednesday, 3 June, 2009 - 17:33
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WOW! GOOD solution on the snake! Looking forward to the complete costume! ^_^

by Lisu-chan on Monday, 8 June, 2009 - 20:48
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Wow! Loving the progress so far. the leg snake is awesome.

by Sephirayne on Friday, 12 June, 2009 - 22:31
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This is shaping up really nicely, loving the butterfly!

by AmethystEyes on Sunday, 14 June, 2009 - 11:47
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wonderful progress! really loving the snake lol cant wait to see it finished 83

by Kaka Extreme on Tuesday, 16 June, 2009 - 19:58

Wow! Awesome!
I can't wait to see this in October! ^^

by goodbyeworld on Saturday, 20 June, 2009 - 19:07
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This is looking amazing :O
You're making progress fast!

by MikeJenks on Saturday, 20 June, 2009 - 19:28
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by inspchin on Wednesday, 5 August, 2009 - 16:14
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Wow it's all looking sooooo wicked >_< Can't wait to see it finished ^_^

by Feather-to-Earth on Wednesday, 5 August, 2009 - 17:09
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progress is looking great, and looking good with the makeup test

by nanahara on Wednesday, 5 August, 2009 - 19:59
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You're doing a great job, there's no doubt that this will look fabulous when it's complete ^_^

by ElegantAura on Wednesday, 5 August, 2009 - 23:25
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COOL looks awsome cant wait till its finshed

by CheekyFlower on Thursday, 6 August, 2009 - 11:46
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looking great so far ^^ really need to get some pictures with you at expo Nouhime + Zhen Ji = 2 of a kind :D cant wait to see it complete :)

by GraceyDarling on Saturday, 15 August, 2009 - 13:19
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Looks awsome this far!!Can't wait to see it finished ^^

by Limetti on Sunday, 23 August, 2009 - 14:53
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klkl jj keep it up wish i was even able to do my cos :(

by Chiconoe on Friday, 4 September, 2009 - 20:09
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It's looking really beautiful, i can't believe how close you are to finishing, i hope you were able to get the hair sorted out ^_^

by Feather-to-Earth on Thursday, 17 September, 2009 - 21:30

This is looking awesome!
I must get photos with you~

by goodbyeworld on Thursday, 17 September, 2009 - 21:40
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thanks guys, i hope i sort out the hair soon too but it looks like everything will work out ^^ and im up for pictures, will b cool to have the oda family together :P

by Kacela on Friday, 18 September, 2009 - 12:15
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O: Wow this looks fab! I hope I get to see this in October! C:

by KamikazePenguin on Friday, 18 September, 2009 - 15:26
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Looking great i hope to make good costumes from hand myself soon :D
Cant wait to see this costume in October :D you look great

by CheekyFlower on Monday, 28 September, 2009 - 14:19
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Looking awesome my beautiful Butterfly! =p

by 12midnite21 on Tuesday, 13 October, 2009 - 17:24
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Fantasic Nouhime cosplay. ^_^

by RebaSephiroth2 on Monday, 19 October, 2009 - 17:05

I loved your Nouihime cosplay!
I shall link you to photos asap~ 8D

by goodbyeworld on Tuesday, 27 October, 2009 - 15:26

You looked amazing :D

by goodbyeworld on Tuesday, 27 October, 2009 - 18:39
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You made a wonderful Nouhime, such a pretty costume, great job ^_^

by ElegantAura on Wednesday, 28 October, 2009 - 00:15
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This was soooo great to see >_< extremely fantastic job!!!!

by Feather-to-Earth on Wednesday, 28 October, 2009 - 20:37
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This is so awesome!!!! Hope you and James have a good rest after this <3

by inspchin on Friday, 30 October, 2009 - 12:55
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hey hey i saw u at the last expo

by cheeky_b1tch on Thursday, 7 January, 2010 - 13:31
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I like the work you made!!!!!

by Naraku on Sunday, 12 December, 2010 - 22:38
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I love the leg snake!

by Amy-Lou on Thursday, 3 May, 2012 - 17:42
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Nouhime! I adore this, you suit her so well :D Great work!

by JustPeachy on Tuesday, 19 March, 2013 - 17:50

To-Do List

Hair ItemsMediumComplete
Make-up testLowComplete
Leg snakeLowComplete


Awkward Snake ¬¬ (Posted 16th September 2009)

Right the 2D was just the same kind of fail ¬¬ so i have discovered that i can keep my 3D snake and just pin it to the tights as it prefers to b pinned! The rest of the costume is going very well so far XD however i have to leave my Geta as they are :(

Bad Snake (Posted 4th September 2009)

Well the 3D snake decided to fail on me, it was too heavy so the tights laddered when i tried to put them on ¬¬ I think i might just try it with a single strip of the leather, might not weigh down the tights.