Costume :Sophie
Variant :Young and Short Haired
Source :Howls Moving Castle
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo May 2012

Costume Photos

That is not a cape!

Just look at Calcifers smug grin...

One big jump!

Sophie and Howl

Alright down there?

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Costume Information

Cost : Roughly £20-£30
Time Taken : I'd say under month, working on it every so often

This is the last version of Sophie that we see in the blue dress, she's now back to her proper age and has just given Calcifer her hair to snack on.

If im honest I mainly choose this version because I didn't actually like her plait XD I'm terrible. I'm starting to notice an influx in the amount of dresses I'm making for cosplays :D

Even though her costume is quite simple and plain, I'm quite fond of it for those little bits of Victorian inspired fashion that show though, a period of fashion that is by far my favourite. And this is probably one of the most simple cosplays I have so far made.

Also Sophie shall not be in her own, I will be having a marvelous Howl/Markl/Calcifer trio accompaning me through out the day.


Besides being hot (The heat that day was horrific) Sophoe was lovely to wear,only next time I think I'll wear black tights instead of long socks so that my skin doesn't show when the bloomers slip up, and slo I 'll straighten out that wig, the fringe is still a bit thick and wonky. Plus I need to wear that apron lower and tie differently.. it was very flattering XD


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Yes! Barely anyone does this version of her! I bet you will look amazing!

by Littlegeeky on Friday, 27 April, 2012 - 20:21
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Oh my Gosh your dress is looking amazing!

by Peredhil on Friday, 27 April, 2012 - 21:47
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This group is amazing, gutted I missed you at expo! ):

by PirateToaster on Friday, 8 June, 2012 - 22:45

To-Do List

Connect Bodice and Skirt togetherHighComplete
Stitch and attach sleevesHighComplete
BUY WIGHighComplete
Sew lace to BloomersHighComplete
Sew on back zipMediumComplete
Buy BootsMediumComplete
Under PetticoatLowPlanned
Sleeve cuffsLowPlanned
Chest ButtonsLowPlanned


..Oh bother.. (Posted 28th April 2012)

Right, skirt and boice are sewn and I even managed to do the zip that is, and being the clever girl that I am I even managed to zip myself up and look at the whole thing on!... then I realised that I couldn't actually get myself back out of the dress because i could reach to undo the zip.... Lets just say there was a good few minutes of me bouncing around in my room trying to free myself... ¬_¬;

Pinning skirt to bodice (Posted 27th April 2012)

Just finished pinning the front half of the skirt to the bodice. The sleeves have been sewn and attached and the bodice has been darted and all put together. Once the skirt if permenently attached then the next step is the skirt. Actually quite proud with the progress that i've made today XD Considering how much I procrastinate.

Damn you sleeves (Posted 17th April 2012)

Whoa... I think that this has actually got the be the first time that i've used the journal feature...

Anyhoo. Sleeves. Yes. Spent like 2 hours trying to sort out Sophies bloody sleeves so that I could sew them. Because her sleeves are quite puffy, especially on the top shoulder join, I was trying to place them properly so that i knew how tight to actually sew the whole sleeve, but when the bodice is fully open at the back because you can't put the zip on, it's a tad difficult to hold everything in place.

However, eventually after a lot of messing around, I've got the placement right so the puffy bits don't look that silly XD

Todays song for working to: Kenny Loggins- Footloose XD