Costume :Miguel & Tulio
Variant :Show me 7!
Source :The Road To El Dorado
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Miguels Lute

outfit reference

Facial hair refference


Costume Information

My girlfriend and me are crossplaying Miguel and Tulio from road to El Dorado.
she saw the movie and immediately said "that's us. we'll do the costumes."
so I'll be working on prosthetic hair attachments, for the goatee and beard and what not.
An over sized jersey for both of us,
some kind of espadrils,
loaded dice for her (Tulio)
and a lute for me (Miguel)

Make up designs to come, (need to masculine-ise our faces)
and a probable wig for her, which'll need styling :)


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To-Do List

Polish, re-string, and tune the luteMediumPlanned

Shopping List

Lute strings£0.00To Buy
Lute strings£0.00To Buy