Costume :Rin Tezuka
Source :Katawa Shoujo
Progress :Complete
Worn At :None

Costume Photos


Upper body reference


Costume Information

*Wig: Ordered from eBay. Seller's name: fashionfouse888.
*Tie: Own already.
*Shirt: Oversized, tie the sleeves and tuck arms round the back.
*Trousers: Already own from China cosplay, army surplus.
*Feet: ...feet. Or sandals.

I'll probably have a paintbrush tucked behind my ear as a prop and have another in my shirt pocket, I can duck my head down and take it out of the pocket and hold it in my mouth for photos.

EDIT: Screw it this cosplay is the hardest thing to move in ever. I probably won't wear it to a con.

EDIT EDIT: ...I'm wearing it to a con! ;w;


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To-Do List

Obtain trousersHighComplete
Buy large shirtHighPlanned
Obtain tieMediumComplete
Buy sandalsMediumComplete
Buy + style wigLowComplete


Wig arrived~ (Posted 12th March 2013)

Needs a massive trim but it's the exact right shade of red I need. Ahh~

Trouser Hunt! (Posted 16th May 2012)

Recently went on a hunt under my bed and found my trousers.
Dunno how they got there, but now my mind is at ease. :3c hooray!