Costume :Hector Barbossa
Variant :Movie 3
Source :Pirates of the Caribbean
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

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Waistcoat + baldric


Costume Information

Cost : About 500 pounds
Time Taken : 11 months

Ever since the 4th movie came out I wanted to make the costume. Not just a version based on it, but an as good as perfect project. Unfortunatly my skills aren't that good yet. So I was forced to take another route. Find perfect materials and someone who could help me make it or make it. The 3rd movie version is the first one I want to complete. I'm also working on the 4th (peg leg) and first (cursed) version.

So far I've collected:
- Waistcoat (need to change the buttons cause they aren't screenaccurate)
- Pants
- Shirt
- Hat (excluding the hat buckle. I'm still waiting for that)
- Flintlock
- Sword
- Fake apple
- Wig (it's still getting greased up)
- Gauntlet
- Earring
- Baldric
- Belt

I'm still lacking the following things:
- Frock Coat (that fabric is near impossible to find and those 500+ french knots/smocking are not making the job any easier)
- Ring (my 3D designer is working on the model after he's finished we'll create it. It's won't be 10C though. Might do that in the future)
- Boots (Caboots (original movie boots) have an extreme high shipping costs. I'm trying to find a way around it)
- Beard (I do have the materials for it, but I still need to find a way how to make it perfect)


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To-Do List

Find the perfect frock coat fabricHighIn Progress

Shopping List

Waistcoat buttons£40.00To Buy
Frock coat buttons£50.00To Buy
Caboots boots£200.00To Buy