Costume :Lucien
Variant :Pre-ritual of rejuvenation
Source :RuneScape
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo October 2012

Costume Photos

Mahjarrat deceiver

Full costume

Full costume

Staff of Armadyl - Orb and Shaft

Staff of Armadyl - Tail

Mask and Balaclava

Robes side view



The Staff of Armadyl

Concept art


Costume Information

Lucien is a major villian in a high level quest storyline in the MMORPG RuneScape, which I've been enjoying for many years. I chose this character partly for the lack of RuneScape cosplay in general but also just for the fact he's so badass. It should be a fair challenge to make but not awfully difficult. I plan to wear this at London MCM Expo Oct. 2012 and the next RuneFest convention at some point in 2013.


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staff looking epic so far

by otakugirl on Friday, 6 July, 2012 - 14:45


FInished! (Posted 25th October 2012)

Armour's complete.

Added the finishing touches to my staff. :D

Almost done! (Posted 18th October 2012)

Body armour almost there, just the shoulders and belt to be finished.

Staff head needs finishing slightly and smoothing over before painting.

Progress (Posted 4th October 2012)

Robes are complete (photos soon) covering body armour is in production, hopefully to be finished next week!

Main work on the staff has begun, papier machéing the tail ornament and the headpiece with it's orb.

Mask needs repainting but is otherwise finished =3

Boots are yet to be started.