Costume :Cure Passion
Source :Fresh Pretty Cure
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

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Costume Information

A possible cosplay for Amecon or any point next year! ;D I've just began to watch Pretty Cure and I randomly came across liking Cure passion's design (who later on appears in the sixth seires), so I ended up first of all buying a wig to be her whenever I can afford the rest of the costume. ^^; Ok, by the looks of the details the tiara will be easy made, along with the shoes and any other accessories needed. I'm thinking of purchasing the the harp, but I'm not sure yet lol.


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To-Do List

Make tiaraHighPlanned
Make heart earringsMediumPlanned
Edit shoesMediumPlanned
Purchase/Make HarpLowPlanned

Shopping List

Outfit£44.12To Buy
Black silky Leggings £5.00To Buy
Shoes£8.00To Buy
Extra material£3.00To Buy
Items for Tiara/Harp£20.00To Buy