Costume :Roxy
Variant :Fancy Dreamer
Source :Homestuck - MS Paint Adventures.
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo May 2012

Costume Photos


Dreamer Roxy




The dreaming trio


Roxy Lalonde

Peaceful dreams

Sound asleep

The prince and princess

Dirk and Roxy


Costume Information

So this whole cosplay is made up of things i've never done before... But i wanted to join MoonLily in her Fancy Derse Dreamerness at May expo and so i thought why the heck not, it's about time i pushed myself to make something a bit more complicated!

Lets see how this goes...

Fantastic Design by Rumminov!


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Mmmmmm :D This dress, quite literally, has all the trimmings. XD Going to be adorable! *_*

by MoonLily on Monday, 26 March, 2012 - 14:00
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I don't know homestuck but I am impressed with your sewing skills here, great job :)

by Saffron on Wednesday, 6 June, 2012 - 01:22
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You look so beautiful in this hun!

by Littlegeeky on Wednesday, 6 June, 2012 - 11:10
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I will never stop gushing over this outfit in the history of ever this has to be my favourite cosplay of yours so far it's just perfect and the outfit is nothing short of beautiful, you look so gorgeous in it ;w;

by HotshotShan on Saturday, 1 September, 2012 - 22:11


Main Dress body done! (Posted 30th April 2012)

So this pretty much my first time both making a dress/skirt/thing and using this fabric so... i guess it's gone ok? I'm pretty happy with it ven if it's not perfect ;3; also the skirt is just pinned up here, i still need to sew it, it should probably be a bit shorter but even with shorts on i don't think i'd be comfortable with that~ now for sleeves and then ALL OF THE FANCY THINGS