Costume :Miss Aubrey
Variant :Crew Style
Source :Dance Central 2
Progress :Complete
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Completed outfit!

Shoe Close up

Back Ref (show off the buttons)

Concept art Ref

Ref of Lush Crew.


Costume Information

Cost : £20

I love Miss Aubrey's outfit in DC1 then I saw this in DC2 and I was like o_O must make!

Will be warn at one of the fushi party nights. Hopefully I can recruit and angel closer to the time. Also gonna make the boombox. Psyched :D


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Haha this is awesome! I love that game, would be awesome with an Angel!

by Kata-san on Monday, 21 October, 2013 - 23:47

To-Do List

Style WigHighPlanned
Make Denim OnesieMediumIn Progress
Buy Wig - Alicia Colour Fire RedLowComplete
Modify ShoesLowComplete
Make/Buy/Modify BanglesLowComplete

Shopping List

Milliput details on bangles£0.00Bought
Anchor Bracelet£3.00Bought
Blue and White Bangle (Wood Bangle I painted)£2.12Bought
Shiny Red Pumps£11.71Bought
Shank Gold Buttons x 16£16.39Bought
1m Dark Blue Denim£8.00Bought
Red Nail Polish (Already Have)£0.00Bought
iDye Poly - Blue£10.00Bought
Red and Gold Belt £0.00To Buy
False Eyelashes? (Probably will need em) £0.00To Buy


Shoes (Posted 15th September 2012)

The shoes were very simple to make. I knew that I wanted patent shoes but I didn't want to faff around trying to match colour to vinyl especially when I wouldn't want the vinly ripping whilst I dance. So instead of using fabric I decided to buy a thin red patent belt. Then I simply cut the belt into strips of the correct length, rounded the ends and sew them to the shoe. The buttons were then sew on after. The whole task didn't take very long but I say 2 hours because I was watching anime while I was sewing so I lost track of time.