Costume :Folken
Variant :Movie version
Source :Escaflowne the movie
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Aya Again 2003

Costume Photos


front with coat

coat back


back view



Costume Information

Cost : £60-80 Much more efficient with materials
Time Taken : 60hours

It fits a lot tighter than my Dilandau armour had done previously as I knew what i was doing far more this time. You never see any more than about 10 inches of the chest between the flaps of the coat in the movie. SO looked at lots of character designs for the Dragon Slayers and Dilandau and tried to make a more fancy lookng "I am the leader and I dont have to fight..but I could still kick your ass" so a bit more ornate. I also really like the collar. The way you get into the armour is pretty cool too as it undoes at the sides and the collar pops open and has to be velcroed in at the front as there s NO way you could get your head through the gap. In case you were wondering it s ALL made of camping mat. Even the back looks bloody cool.

Its all camping mat.

never did find a suitably long blue mullted "tina" wig so had to colour a blond one. Didnt work out so hot, but character was recognisable.

I still have this costume. I keep thinking maybe Ill redo the grey parts out of that fabric that looks like metal wire. That over black would look cool, though at the time I wanted to recreate the cartoonly look.


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I wondered how you got your head through that gap XD

by RanmaSyaoran on Saturday, 24 January, 2009 - 13:06
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This looks awesome!

by InfiniteJester on Saturday, 20 December, 2014 - 11:38