Costume :John
Source :Original Character (cats)
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

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A cat based on the character of John Watson, from the recent BBC version :3

Gonna be an army cat with cable knit warmers~


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White Jazz Shoes£5.19Bought
Crepe wool £10.98Bought
Skintone lycra 2m£14.00Bought
Organdi (brown, gold)£3.00Bought
Dylon fabric paints (yellow)£1.85Bought
Dye-Na-Flow (golden yellow, ochre, brown x 2, brick)£19.50Bought
DK yarn (beige, brown)£8.55To Buy


Bought lycra and organdi (Posted 26th March 2012)

Bough the basic material I need to start on the unitard.

Annoyingly, I couldn't find ANY brown or yellow fabric paint in town, so i can't start painting the unitard until I order some online. ho hum...