Costume :Dresses and Rave outfits for Kumoricon 2012
Source :other
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Mizore Dress DONE!


Moka Dress



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To-Do List

Mokas MaskHighComplete
Mizore DressHighComplete
Mokas accessoriesHighIn Progress
Kurumu Kurono dressHighIn Progress
Kurumu MaskHighIn Progress
Buy or Make Mokas Dress (need help)HighIn Progress
Mizore JewelryHighIn Progress
Mizore MaskHighPlanned
Kurumu JewelryMediumIn Progress
Kurumu Nylons and Dress ShoesLowComplete

Shopping List

kokoa Dress Shoes and Nylons£12.00Bought
Moka Mask£10.00Bought
Moka dress shoes and nylons£28.00Bought
Mizore dress£10.00Bought
Mizore dress shoes and nylons£10.00Bought
Mizore Jewelry£20.00Bought
Kokoa Dress£49.00Bought
Kurumu dress£50.00Bought
Kurumu dress shoes and nylons£17.00Bought
Kurumu Jewelry£16.00To Buy
Kokoa Jewelry£19.00To Buy
Moka Dress£70.00To Buy
Kokoa Mask£7.00To Buy
Kurumu Mask£8.00To Buy
Mizore Mask£8.00To Buy
Misc Mints, spray, deoderant, makeup, ect.X 4 people£89.00To Buy