Costume :Raspberyl
Source :Disgaea 3
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

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One of my floor costumes for Japan Expo 2012. Ria and I need a few matching outfits and Raspberyl's design has appealed to me for a long time, so I'm glad I finally get to make her!


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you are going to look so cute <3

by Leolarua on Monday, 5 March, 2012 - 13:37
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Ahhhh!! All this Disgaea love makes me so happy! I loved her design since I saw it and you will suit her so much! Super excite!

by eternal_aranel on Monday, 5 March, 2012 - 17:49

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TopLowIn Progress
SkirtLowIn Progress
HornsLowIn Progress
WingsLowIn Progress
WigLowIn Progress
Pointed EarsLowPlanned

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Tail Progress (Posted 18th March 2012)

I'm not happy with the way it puckers at the edges so I'm going to have to take it apart and fix that.

Ironed and Stitched (Posted 5th March 2012)

Almost done the skirt, I just need to take it in a bit on the sides and add a yoke. Should probably install a zipper too.

I can't believe I've been cosplaying for 10 years and I've NEVER made a pleated skirt until now. WTF!

Pleats. Lots of them. (Posted 5th March 2012)

I think I folded, pinned, ironed, unpicked and started over on this about 3 times? Eventually I had to resort to MATH instead of my usual half-assed guestimation.

145 inches of skirt! (Posted 5th March 2012)

My butt's big. But not THAT big.