Chrome Dokuro
Katekyo Hitman REBORN!

Cosplayer: TheSnake

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

18th April 2012: Boots,Costume and wig all done. Well my boots arrived fit very well apart from the calf top being a bit over large,but i think there slightly big on the characters,Costume was good with Jacket being a good fit,Skirt was OK ,but was way to long (just did not look like how Chrome would be) so had it shortened a massive 8cm .
Wig arrived and was perfect ,even got a eye patch with it to.

14th March 2012: Boots being made ,and Found a weapon Yes my boots are being made as i type, having a extremely narrow calf,the supplier is tailoring them for me, Plus may have found another weapon i can alter with a touch of paint and such like, watch this space.

13th March 2012: On the way This great little number is being made ,so now i just have to sort out a wig, Lucky enough i have found one with a eye-patch as well, then the boots, seen two pairs which will suffice ,just deciding. The of course a Trident weapon ,which i will construct out of some light non injury causing material then paint accordingly.

1st March 2012: CANT WAIT FOR THIS ONE. Looking forward to this one ,the hardest thing will be making a Trident. And showing off my mid-drift of course.