Costume :Shadow Heartless
Source :Kingdom Hearts I
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

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Costume Information

Equipment required:

At -least- 5-6 meters of loose, soft spandex fabric.
2 seperate and equally sized length's of heavy grade wire.
A pair of yellow glow lights/light up balls.
Plenty of quilt/pillow stuffing, probably around 2 quilt's worth.
A pair of basic house boots.
1 Ferret Ball for the head.
Around 2-3 spools of black thread.
A sewing machine.
One pair of scissors.
Some strips of Valcro.
Buttons, a zip or extra valcro depending on whether the body will be made a one piece or multiple ones.


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To-Do List

Heartless HeadHighPlanned
Circruitry for light up eyesHighPlanned
Upper bodyHighPlanned

Shopping List

1M Strip of Valcro.£1.20Bought
2x Equally sized Heavy Grade Copper Wire£4.00Bought
2x Bedding worth of Quilt stuffing£10.00Bought
Basic pair of house boots£10.00Bought
3 Spools of Black Thread£3.50Bought
5M of loose, spandex fabric. (Black)£17.50To Buy
2x Round yellow balls£2.00To Buy
1x Large Ferret Ball£10.00To Buy