Costume :River Song
Variant :TWoRS
Source :Doctor Who
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo May 2012

Costume Photos

with Matt Smith at 11th hour con

River Song


waistcoat - to make into a jacket



Costume Information

will also wear for 11th hour con in June 2012


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You looked awesome in this at Expo btw!

by Maraieth on Friday, 1 June, 2012 - 00:12
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Lovely cosplay! I love River, and I like your choice of costume, it was such a great episode!

by Akwa on Thursday, 21 March, 2013 - 00:23

To-Do List

eye driveLowComplete
add sleeves to waistcoat to make into a jacketLowComplete
add leather to sandals to convert into shoesLowPlanned

Shopping List

All Saints perspex heel shoes£45.00Bought
All Saints Karin waistcoat£55.00Bought
eye drive£0.00Bought
material for sleeves£1.00Bought
soft pvc for shoes£0.00Bought


eye drive made - shoes... considering (Posted 5th May 2012)

made the eye drive from some soft pvc, will attach it with either spirit gum or bodytape.

now considering the soft pvc to make the 'Gamma' sandals into 'Ovid' shoes or at least attempt to. Am wearing the shoes around the house now to walk them in, and hopefully not twist my ankle in the process, cos they are stupidly high. I don't wear heels.

Found a black pencil skirt that I made whilst I was in school, which I think I can wear for this. Yeah I made it when I was 14, and it still fits me. Says alot about my weight.

been meaning to start this outfit since december (Posted 22nd February 2012)

when i found the shoes on ebay, then thought I'd attempt to make the rest of the outfit. but my 'love' of sleeves and anything jacket like kinda put that off.

Still I would search on ebay to see if I could find anything suitable. Found the actual style was All Saints - Karin. today, found a waistcoat in that style. Hopefully with the black satin material I have I can 'attempt' to make sleeves for it. Either that or cut sleeves off a black satin blouse that is gorgeous, but sadly too small across the chest, and sew those to it.

The skirt I have a black knee length pencil skirt that I sometimes wear for work.

The wig I can probably use the one that I have for my other River outfits.

The shoes, well currently sandals, but still with the fantastic perspex heel. I need to find soft black leather and see if I can make them into shoes. It sounds like a really simple idea. put into practice, however, I'm probably going to be tearing my hair out over it.

Need to find / commission / make an 'eye drive' eyepatch. Seen someone on LJ selling them for £15. might try and make one first. If it really doesn't work... then I'll buy one.